The Fluffie Tuffie Cover

We developed our Fluffie Tuffie cover a few years ago, when we realised that a lot of our customers would use the waterproof Tuffie dog bed with a piece of pet-bed ('vetbed') on top. Usually, the pet bedding would be on the Tuffie for just a short while and then land on the floor...

So to keep things looking neat and tidy we made a cover out of pet-bedding material. You put the dog bed inside it and close with poppers. That way it won't move.


The pet-bedding material is very thick for most washing machines. Therefore we have made one side (the side facing the floor) out of a light nylon to make things much easier to wash. To put the cover on, you simply pop the Tuffie bed inside and on the bottom nylon fabric there is a row of poppers, which you use to close the cover.

This must be the best combination possible: a thick, waterproof dog bed with a cosy, machine washable outer cover. Easy to keep fresh at all times.

Both the Fluffie cover and our Luxury Fleecy cover will wash well at 40-50 Celsius and they dry quickly on the line or on a cool tumble drying.

We supply several colours of the Fluffie Tuffie.