Tuffies dog beds are all manufactured in Scotland, using the most durable materials on the market. Yes, everyone says that, but the proof is in the pudding and our reputation is now incredibly strong with 75% of orders being word-of-mouth and re-orders. Once dog owners have experienced the ease of cleaning and the comfort for their dog in a Tuffies product which is lasting many years, they spread the word to their friends. Our Testimonials gallery speaks volumes.

The durability is in two parts: the impressive length of time our waterproof dog bed covers stand up to wear and tear and digging AND the way our futon mattress holds up without going flat or lumpy.

The durability of the Tuffies futon mattress is in years, not months. At the same time, the durability in the fabrics are outstanding.

If durability is your number one priority, we recommend that you go for the Durasoft. The Wipe Clean is a durable marine type fabric, but if your dog is a digger, the Durasoft will stand up to this for an extended length of time. The Durasoft is a 1,000 denier texturised Nylon, nothing can beat it.

The Tuffies nests are very famous for being so long lasting. Because we carefully build the walls to last, dogs have the luxury of being able to rest their heads and front paws on the sides without them collapsing. Dogs love to be in their nests, warm and cosy, while watching what’s going on in the house at the same time. Then, when they want some more privacy and den-feeling, they can stick their head down and snuggle in to the inside area of the nest.


When we exhibit at CRUFTS and other shows, we have a constant stream of existing customers, who come along to say hello and tell us how many YEARS they have had their Tuffie. Great news. That is why they recommend us to their dog owning friends.