The Really Tough Tuffie: GUARANTEED CHEW PROOF



Pictures speak louder than words........    Louise Fox sent us this photo of the utterly shredded dog bed from the pet shop along with the guaranteed Chew Proof Tuffie bed, which is still in pristine condition.

Dogs have an amazing ability to chew and when they really put their minds to it, well, they can chew almost anything.

We designed the world's one and only warm, insulated and supportive, yet guaranteed chew proof dog bed. We launched this a few years ago and there is about 1000 Really Tough Tuffies out there in the UK with chewing dogs like "Cole" (pictured above) sleeping on them. We have never had to replace one.

In time, the inner waterproof fabric, which covers the warm stuffing, will need replacing and it is super easy to do so: the top part of the plastic bed can be lifted off. The new fabric sheet is then fastened to the base and the top is placed back on.

The principle of the Really Tough Tuffie is that the dog cannot chew with its back- and side-teeth by the time his jaw is open enough to fit over the plastic bed. A few cosmetic marks may occur during the dog's chewing attempt, that's all. The soft fabric middle is simply inaccessible to the dog as there is no corner or edge to get hold of

Below is a happy customer's testimonial of the Really Tough Tuffie, RTT:

Dear Luise, Thank you so much for your quick response to my dilemma! I received the Wipe Clean insert and it was easily fitted to the bed, what a very clever design the RTT is. I thought I would let you know that, so far, so remains intact and showing no evidence of "Archie Assault". I also want to tell you that you have now joined my list of superb customer services companies, the other one being Dyson!! They, like you, responded immediately and efficiently when I had a problem. It is easy to recommend a company who provide an excellent product and a reliable back up service........thank you. My dogs are once again looking forward to a cosy winter!!   Kind regards Linda

The bed is of course an investment, but it becomes a saving if you incalculate all the chewed dog beds you don't have to replace and perhaps even an expensive vet-bill.

And for cleaning: Sooooo easy: