Why Tuffies is superior:


Our Two Types of Waterproof Fabrics:


We use two different types of fabrics in our waterproof dog beds. These have been tried and tested since 1999 when we started manufacturing Tuffies dog beds. This means we offer two very different waterproof fabrics to suit your specific requirements for your dog:


Waterproof Performance and Washing:

Both fabrics, Durasoft and Wipe Clean, can be scrubbed down with hot, soapy water and rinsed off. The Durasoft needs an hour or so on a good drying day to dry completely, while the Wipe Clean can be towelled dry and used straight away.





For more information about washing, go to: http://www.tuffies.co.uk/washing-mattress-beds.htm




The inside of our Tuffies beds:


We take great care making a futon mattress for the inside of all our Tuffie beds. No crumbling foam, no fluffie beds that collapse. We supply a firm futon that keeps it shape.

We took the liberty to compare our Tuffie beds with a similar kind of bed, which we bought from a well known high street petshop at similar price.

The first thing that you will notice is the difference in weight. The petshop bed, same size as the Tuffie, was only 3Kg, whereas the Tuffie weighed 5.7Kg. This is because we firmly fill our Tuffie beds and don't skimp on the amount of material. Below you see the two beds in comparison.





We then cut both the beds in half and discovered that all the stuffing is, of course, loose in the petshop bed. As you can see in the picture below, the futon mattress in the Tuffie bed, simply keeps its shape.




.........and then we put the dog on the beds.....! Gaia is sitting nicely up on the Tuffie bed, but ends up pushing the loose stuffing out to the sides when she sits on the petshop bed. 




                                                                      This is why we are very proud of our superior product.