This was the start of Tuffies:

Working my dogs, thinking about dogs and loving dogs as pets, means that their welfare is very much on my mind. Most dogs, when they are not worked, walked or played with, are just idle. They spend a lot of time sleeping on their beds. So it's an important piece of dog equipment, if you like. To keep a happy, active and healthy dog for as long as possible, a good bed with excellent insulation from the cold floor, is vital.

Most dog beds are filled with very limited amounts of fluffy stuff, but they just go flat. The covers are weak and get smelly very quickly. So I decided to make proper ones.

Tuffies was started as a company in 2002. It turned out that lots of you have the same idea about dog beds as I have, so Tuffies now supply everone, who likes sturdy, nice, solid and proper dog beds all over the UK and beyond.


Ben Rinnes

On Ben Rinnes in August.


Happy days out :

Happy Days Out

For dogs that have to work whole days, day after day, their rest is clearly very important. No sneaking cold from the floor!!!




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