We LOVE the many photos that you all send us of your dog beds and we are of course delighted to receive so many kind words about the Tuffies.

Phil Spencer from Location, Location, Location on TV loved they Red Swift design and sent these photos with happy comment:

Just arrived at our cottage for Christmas holidays and both dogs literally leapt straight into their I thought I’d take snaps while they looked quite so contented!!!


December 2017








Adam Henson from Countryfile showing off his beautiful Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas on their Tuffies dog beds.

October 2017

Mattress beds with Summer Covers in Summer Glow colour.




Laura Saxby 8th May 2018

Fabulously made beds, easy to clean which is a must with a spaniel. Cover looks fabulous in our country kitchen. Worth every penny! Laura

Bed is 110x68cm durasoft mattress with twill cover.

Angie Macfarlane 27th November 2017

Fergus 15 month deerhound loves his Tuffie nest! Thank you 😍

-Fergus is in an Extra Large Tuffies Nest Dog Bed With Complete Nest Cover in Red Tartan

Aileen Greene 18th Nov 2017

Here is a photo of Ollie enjoying the cozy bed that arrived this week. Took him a few days to realise it was for him 😀

Bespoke Mattress Dog Bed with Optional Luxury Fleece Cover

Claire Logan 15th April 2018

Hello. I’m really happy with the bed I bought at Crufts - the dogs love it too

XXl Wipe Clean Nest Dog Bed

Chloe Halifax 18th April 2018

Our 35kg Labrador Toby LOVES his Tuffies bed.

Toby has a Large Tuffies Nest Dog Bed, With a Nest Cover and Nest Sock

Ruadh likes his new bed!

Simon Kemp

Large Nest with Wild Storm Nest Cover.

March 18

Good afternoon,

Thought I'd send you a picture of one of our dogs, Ralph, enjoying his new Tuffies bed (large size with grey fleece cover). We tried one out first and they both loved it so we got them one each... they never have been very good at sharing lol

Mummy loves them because they don't smell and they're super easy to clean! Will be recommending your beds far and wide :)


110x68cm mattress with Luxury Fleece cover.

Hi Tuffies,

Roxy absolutely loving her bed! She's about the same size as a boy lab and has plenty of room in the large to stretch out.


Large Durasoft nest

March 18

Cooper , my adorable vizslador, enjoying his beautiful new bed! This is simply the best dog bed we have ever had! We went for the extra large as he needs to share it with our two cocker spaniels! Contrary to what it looks like, the object beside him is an antler and not a pipe! Alison Vines

140x92cm mattress with Wild Storm Luxury Fleece.

Here is a photo of our 6 year old dalmatian, Lottie.

She has destroyed so many beds over the years I have lost count. Normally it's a matter of days before she makes a hole and pulls out all the stuffing. She hasn't even tried to get a purchase on this one.

Also, the high walls mean she is protected from the drafts and the mattress keeps her warm from the cold floor.

Thank you, Tuffie!
Mary and Charles.

Large Durasoft Nest

Hi Christine,

We got our first Tuffie this afternoon, my Labrador absolutely LOVES it. I was unsure if the large would be big enough (she's 30kg but on a diet) but she loves it and rests her head on the sides. I'm sat on the sofa listening to her gentle contented snoring.

My only grumble is my golden retriever pup and westie also seem to love it so that means buying two more.

Thanks so much

February 18

Hi Christine,So far so good. It took quite a few treats to get him onto it at first. We put some of the old bedding in with him to make him feel at home and to give him something to chew on. He managed to scrabble away the sewn in label and ate half of it. Now he hops in happily and despite some scrabbling the fabric is surviving and he doesn't want to get out of his cage in the morning! I hope it continues!! Please find attached a picture of what he did to the last fleece blanket he had and also a picture of himself in cage (He's a Teckel - a working bred dachshund called Gryphon).Best Regards,Jennie PS if I need to order another fabric inner - can you supply one without a label?

Small Really Tough Tuffie fitting in the cage.

February 18








Hi Luise, 
Bed received yesterday and Maggie's been getting cosy :-) 
Thank you 😊 excellent quality as was the other bed. Would highly recommend to others.

Large Durasoft Tuffie Nest

February 18





Hello, Our new nest has just arrived. Parsley has gone straight in and made himself comfy. Thank you very much. It clearly has the Jack Russell seal of approval.

Best wishes Sue Tamplin

Medium Nest with Nest Cover.

February 18







Dear Tuffie Team,
Thank you so much for the amazing service and your fantastic, super-quality doggie beds. They look and feel brilliant. Alfie the young black lab is now ten and a half months old and is thoroughly spoilt with his gorgeous nest in the sitting room which arrived in September, and now his first Christmas present of a comfy mattress in the kitchen! Quite an upgrade from a square of chewed up vet bed!
Thank you so much, Alfie is in heaven on a daily basis.

Best wishes from Alfie and family

XL Durasoft Nest and 110x68cm Mattress bed with Tweed Pattern Luxury Fleece cover.










Just wanted to say thank you very much for the dog bed! It was barely out the packaging and Rex was in it! I will be recommending these to all my dog owner friends!

Kind regards, Katharine.

GSP in Tunnel Cover on a 110x68cm mattress bed.
















Hi Luise, Thank You so much for Millie's lovely bed, here are before and after pictures!

Kind Regards, Patricia

Bespoke Durasoft bed to fit the boot of the car.

January 18













ng my new raised bed as much I loved my nest! Mum's thrilled because it will be so much easier to keep clean and so will hopefully help with my dust mite allergy.
Thank you!
Henry x

Nov 17

Large Raised Bed with Tweed Pattern liner.











Hi Luise, 

I recently bought a puppy tuffie bed from you for our new female Goldie and it has been great as a starting bed- she has loved it! Over the holiday, however, she pinched my sister’s collie’s nest bed so I’d like to get one from you!
I would like to get a Durasoft Tuffie one which will suit her for when she is fully grown so please could you recommend a size ( I thought maybe a large one?).
Many thanks once again for the super products you create and for the advice!
Kind regards,
Jen Fleming 


110x68cm Durasoft mattress bed with Black Watch Luxury Fleece


Is casper on to something? Cheers

November -17

Large and Medium Durasoft nests stacked.








Hi Luise Thought you’d probably like this pic - feel free to use it if you like. This is Ruby our latest foster girl (we think we may “fail” on the foster with her though 😅😍). She’s chilling out in a nearly 6 year old nest with the 3 year old nest behind her. Thank you again for helping with our raffle. Hope you’re having lots of pre-Christmas sales for lucky dogs presents!

Kind regards Nicola

Woven Surface nest (now discontinued in this fabric, but replaced by Durasoft).

November 17













Hi Christine Favourite position in new bed! This is Bulah.

Kind regards Paula Holman

November 17

Large Nest with cover.














I was worried when this came that they wouldn’t all fit so I phoned up and you kindly said that I could have the bigger one or wait as they stretch over time......2 weeks in.....they all fit and it’s the best dog bed I’ve ever bought! Saving for another now!! Thanks so so much for everything....great pre service, great after service and great bed!!!!


November -17

XL nest with cover.








He is a Cocker and I can't get him out of the Nest now.

Allan Burns

Oct 17

Medium Durasoft Nest








Thank you very much for the dog bed. She appears to be more than content with it.

Regards Matt

Oct 17

Durasoft 110 x 68cm



Dear tuffies

Bed has arrived in lovely condition and by a very nice delivery driver. 

Floyd my 8 month Italian Spinone was very excited about the large delivery this morning. It didn't take long for him to settle himself in his new nest bed. 

He is making very unusual noises which suggests he is very comfy.......



XL Durasoft nest

Sept 17

Thank you Tuffies ,
 my bed arrived just in time for my second birthday & it is super cozy. Thank you Woody🐶

September 17




Within 2mins after fitting the new cover - Harry says thankszzzz!!

Roy Scott

September 17






Hello Just thought I would send you a photo of LULU in her Tuffies bed, we also have another Lab who also has a red Tuffies bed! they are wonderful, so strong & as they have higher sides lovely & warm, the only suggestion I would make is, as they are very heavy would a handle on the outside be something you would consider? Kind regards Ginny Parfitt

September 17


Received our new large beds today - Piri and Darwin love them...

Lee Staff

Large nests, Durasoft.

August 17








Hi I just wanted to write to you as a long standing customer and let you know that although i have bought around 15 or so of your beds for my gang of dogs,(most rescues) ive found the beds to be probably the best product i have ever bought in my life! Some ive had for at least 10 years.They are so durable and long lasting and still hold there's shape and comfort. I have them in the dog sleeping room , down the stables and over my work yard/offices, the dogs roam freely and are generally smothered and wet from constant long country walks through our local forest and through lakes. Well done for making a truly great product thats probably too good as i cant find a reason to buy more!! See photos of the regular hose down and scrub. Thanks again from all our gang who sleep so comfortably every night on them

Cheers kev

Wipe Clean mattress beds in various sizes

July 2017





Hi,I’m delighted to say my cocker has had a healthy litter of nine pups on Sunday - they are sleeping in the Tuffie nest. It seems to be perfect for stopping the pups being rolled on due to the shape and texture - they can go around the edge of her and not get squashed. The sides are high enough to keep out draughts and keep them in (for now!).

I’d be delighted for you to use my photo. Was about to order one or two more nests.
Thanks,Sue Chambre

Wipe Clean Tuffies Nest

August 17















My name is Robbie Hall. I just wanted you to know I love my tuffies bed and new cover, I am a very big golden retriever and am now so comfortable, so thank you.

August 1st 17

140 x 92cm mattress with Black Watch Luxury Fleece cover.







Thought you might like this too. It is Zsiga trying to still fit in Elsa the cockers bed

Joanne Callow.

July 17

Small Durasoft nest with way too large Vizsla :-)










Hi there.Our replacement bed arrived today thank you very much.  It's clearly a winner as I hope you can see from the photo. It absolutely tipped it down on the evenings about a baptism of fire.  I'm pleased to report that I'm extremely pleased with how the muck is just sliding off it!  
Excellent job.
Many thanks for you understanding regarding the exchange for the larger size.
With kind regards Anna Richards

Anna Richards

140 x 92cm Durasoft Grey mattress bed

July 2017












Tuffies fan club.

Joanne Callow

Lots of Tuffies nests in various sizes.

July 2017













Hi There,   We were the lucky winners for the Star Letter in the July 2017 issue of Dogs Monthly.   We just wanted to tell you that the Durasoft Mattress Bed we won for our Standard Poodle - Ziva is brilliant quality.   We thought we had lost her the other day. So we checked all her usual (daytime) hiding places in the house and guess what - there she was, crashed out in our bedroom on her "Oh So Comfortable" Tuffies Bed!   So now, whenever she goes missing we know that is where she will be.  Perhaps you should have a warning notice saying "Be warned once your dog lies on this bed it may be very reluctant to get off!"  

Many thanks Barry & Elaine Hickleton-Jones & Ziva

July 17

140 x 92cm Durasoft Mattress bed







Have spent so much money on beds that our frengle destroyed within days or at best just over a week! ! This bed she loves, is practical but best of all she cannot chew and destroy it!! Full marks to tuffies!  Expensive but hopefully will save money in long term!!

Gillian Smith

July 17

Large Really Tough Tuffie











Hi Luise,

The beds arrived yesterday and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting them to us so quickly. Little Susie loves hers as you can see and Shadow the farm collie  has staged a takeover of Summer's bed so it looks like I will be ordering a 3rd bed before too long!!

Thanks again,








Hi, we've received Monty's (durasoft large) nest this afternoon. He loves it xx

You kindly suggested a low front which is brilliant. Some pics ... Thankyou for excellent assistance during my choosing, great telephone sales lady(sorry I cant remember your name), excellent delivery time ... I'll stop now. Very happy Monty and mum 😁

Wide smiles,

Linda Alexander








Good morning! My small RTT was delivered about 10 minutes ago. Blue was immediately interested, and as soon as the wrapper came off, he hopped in to investigate more closely. Within a couple of minutes he was fast asleep! Thanks so much. I'm almost bankrupt after spending a fortune on inferior beds, which he chewed up with predictable regularity. Hopefully this is THE one!

Best wishes Fiona Sinfield and Blue, the very comfy Cocker xx

July 17












Hello Tuffies

Sending you photos to let you see how much my furry chums love their Tuffies ...

Wing Commander Daphne Broon (chocolate cocker)

Killoh (sable roan cocker)

Rumer (australian shepherd)

These are the best beddies ever!

Kind regards

Mary Rayne

Nest with full nest cover.












Just a quick note to say thank you for the superb Tuffie cover, our 9 week working cocker loves it and our Lab has his own big Tuffie bed back , which was a bespoke size made over 4 years ago and is still as good as new.

Karen Hewitt

May 17

Plastic bed liner in Autumn Check











Just back from holiday

….and the first thing ilsa did was check out her Tuffies!

Bill Fowlie

June 17



Received our new summer Sand/Pebbles Tuffie covers for 'girls' durasoft nests. These have certainly given the beds a new lease of life! Attached some photos of Mya our x-breed Mini Schnauzer/Kerry Blue and Millie our pure bred Kerry Blue. As you will see, Mya has settled into her bed very quickly but Millie isn't too sure - wonder if it's the different texture of material lol.... #dogsandtheirhomecomforts# Thanks again for great customer service.

Rae Callander

May 17








Straight out of the packet and my blanket dweller is straight in there! He thanks you and so does his brother as he can have his bed back now! Love it love it, so beautiful made. And the best bit is so perfect as he has to be tucked in every night! May have to get one for the old boy now! (Not my husband!) Kind regards Emily Macaulay and Zola

May 17, Medium Durasoft Nest with grey sock.










Hi x Sorry took so long to get back to you ! We are delighted with the Tuffies bed you sent out to us in France - we all find it very comfy!!!! It was meant for our dobermann - who does sleep in it too - haven't got a good photo of her in it yet but as you can see from the other photos it is being well used - ha ha xxx The photos aren't great but thought it would give you a laugh - we were outside last night and we came in to find our bottle fed calf and lamb making themselves quite comfy - mad house ! If I get a good one of the dogs will send it later... Would recommend this bed to anyone - well worth the money x Thanks again

Julie Cameron

May 17

XXL Nest














Dear Tuffies, Eddie loves his nest bed (large, navy blue with black watch cushion)! Thank you!

Lucy Horne

May 17




Many thanks for sending my nest so quickly. I love it & so does Merlin my WHV.

Geoffrey Beavis

May 17

XL Durasoft Nest in Dark Red









How comfy can one dog be.............. In his large fleece lined nest.


May 17










Hey guys,
Just a quick message to say thank you for the amazing service and product! I never thought I'd find a bed that could entice Frank off our sofa but this did the trick. He's had the bed about a year now and it still looks like new. I wish I'd have got one of these to start off with instead of paying £70+ every 6 months for a replacement bed big enough to support the great weight of a Dane. As you can see he has plenty of room in there and likes to roll around after a long day, he can fully stretch out on his side in it too which is great. Thanks again! Charlotte & Frankus 
XXL Durasoft nest in Teal







Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting Sprockets new bed made and sent to us so quickly!! I only spoke to you last Thursday and it arrived today, brilliant service!! So far, early indications are good, I've had a try out and was quickly replaced by Sprocket, see photos. Thank you again, we are hoping he'll be a very comfortable dog for a while to come, Liz (Parsons, Bedford)

May 2017

110 x 68cm Durasoft Teal


Dear Tuffies Team How new bed has just arrived - I just managed to get the packaging off before three Labradors climbed in!! I would like to complain - I don't want it just inside the front door! It's in the way! But I can't move it when it's full of Labradors and they won't get out!! Thank you very much for your speedy delivery and perfect bed. I think it is safe to say that it is a big hit with its new owners!!

Best wishes Rachel plus Cookie, Ernie and Peewee! Xx

XL Durasoft Nest.









Bunnies like Tuffies too!

Saskia Robertson at April -17

Medium Olive Durasoft nest shared by Cocker Spaniel.

















Hi I took delivery 30 minutes ago and Buddy is very happy in his new bed thank you.

Nicole Croft-O'Halloran

April 2017

Medium Raised bed









This is night bed and we took to stay at friends loves his beds

Medium Nest





Thank you for the Plastic Bed Liner and pad that arrived today. Ada could not wait to see what it was, been for our walk and now relaxing in her bed instead of on our bed. Will be getting Ada a nest bed next.


Paula  Conniss

April 2017

Plastic bed liner.


Mistral proud as punch in her new bed Thank you just received today

Diana Mackenzie

April 2017

110 x 68cm Durasoft Olive mattress bed.


Hello, Thank you for Bert's bed which has just arrived! This is the fourth dog bed that we have got from you guys as they are such fantastic quality. Two of the giant beds lasted for ten years!! Thanks again! Claire

140x92cm Durasoft in Bright Red

March 2017









Hi Christine, Can I just say a big thank you for all of your help. I picked up the Tuffie Tunnel yesterday and both of my dogs already love it. Please find the picture attached Regards Bianca Dambok

Tunnel cover, black.

March 2017








Bought this bed from yourselves at crufts this afternoon/evening-the cat loves it


Our Mini Wolf Den, Extra Mini in White and Burgundy

March 2017

Hi   I thought I’d email you a photo of Toby in his Tuffies Nest – I bought it in 2015 and  it’s by far the best bed he has ever had, all the ones he had before ended up all crushed on the sides, as you can see how he likes to lean on his bed, but the Tuffies Nest still looks brand new – everyone that sees his bed loves it and I always recommend your company.   Have a lovely week,   Best wishes

Jo Stenning

February 2017







This picture is from Anne Coultas. She was describing how she had carfully purchased suitable sizes for her three different dogs only to find that they sleep in whatever size they wish.... The pointer is in the medium covered nest and the cocker is in the XL.

Thank you Anne!


Dear Tuffies,

Just wanted to say a huge thank-you to you all for another great shopping experience!

I bought a waterproof mattress bed years ago which was fab and treated myself to an XL easy access, wipe clean nest recently.

Well, I say treated myself, I mean I treated my office to one.

I work at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Brands Hatch, and need a tough, resilient, waterproof yet super comfy bed for the dogs
I have chilling out in my office every day.

They range from Staffies to German Shepherds and Pugs.

I wonder, do you coat them in dog ‘catnip’ prior to shipping them off as all the dogs so far couldn’t wait to jump in, roll around and have a snooze!

Yours professionalism, super customer service and quality products are a credit to the United Kingdom.


Nicola Sewell

Feb 2017

Thank you.  Benson loves his new bed.. and doesn’t care one bit that we have rain today!

Jo Graves  Feb 2017

Large Durasoft Nest in Grey

Our 1st tuffie bed, only seconds after unwrapping it. Thank you so much, Mawgan just loves it!

Bridget Feb 2017

XL Wipe Clean Nest in Russet

Thank you so much for our special Tuffie, Holly is very pleased and it really helps her get in and out of bed at 14.5 years old.


Much appreciated.


Yvonne Rogers

January 2017

XL Wipe Clean nest with front easy access

Thought you might like to see Hector and Maggie, our Airedale terriers, enjoying their chew proof beds. We got the beds in August last year and they have proved their worth. We have tried lots of beds before but none have lasted except yours.

Thank you Kate W

January 2017

Large Really Tough Tuffies in black


I have a Tuffies bed but left it in my house in Scotland. So I bought one of your competitors beds- see what my two Gordon Setters thought of it!!! I have orders two more Tuffies beds.

Thank you for your great dog beds, unfortunately one dog had to sleep on his old bed as the cat has taken it on. Please could you stop making them so comfy?

Rachel Bywater

January 2017

This is a Medium Durasoft Nest

Having tried SO MANY dog beds and having had them chewed to pieces, I will never have any other brand than Tuffies. THANK YOU for being the most comfortable and practical doggie bed for Muggle, Puggle & Chi Chi! We love you Tuffies!

Glynis Sullivan-Porteous

Large Black Really Tough Tuffie

January 2017

Our flatcoated retrievers Milo and Trinity just love their  Tuffies nests, and our new addition Melody finds them very spacious.

Richard Lionheart.

December 2016 

XL Nests with Nest covers

Thought you guys might like to see how Freya likes her new Tuffie bed.
This Doberman spends most of life at warp speed, she is a marvel of modern day physics and is in constant motion.
She jumped in her new bed and was asleep in seconds.  Truly, a miracle has been witnessed today.
Best regards
Michael & Freya.

XL Nest

December 2016







Thank you Tuffies, Biscuit loves his new bed. Asleep within 30 seconds of coming out of the packaging.

Anna,  February 2017

Extra large Teal Durasoft Tuffie nest


I just wanted to say we are really pleased with the lovely wipe clean mattress for our two dogs. They are both very comfortable on it and it's so easy to wipe clean, especially if they have been getting muddy in the garden! It's a very strong, yet comfortable and smart looking bed. I have attached a course of photos of my two dogs loving their bed. 
Many thanks

January 2017

110x68cm Wipe Clean Tuffies mattress

Thanks so much for the fantastic bed. This is Grian trying it out. It was a super surprise and I'm delighted with it as is Grian. Regards Ann Cubitt

November 2016

Hi Christine,
Many thanks for sending my new dog bed to France. It is a hit… I can’t keep my 5 year old son out of it….. Or the labrador that comes to stay who frankly doesn’t fit… Most of the time though, Ziggy who it was bought for likes it a lot.
Thank you again and it seems to be a great product, I’m delighted with it - please feel free to put this and the photos on your website, if you would like to,
Tamsin Kavanagh

Medium nest

November 2016

This is the dog that was meant to be in it.

Tasmin Kavanagh

I just wanted to send this as proof how good your beds are this is 2 bullmastiffs and a French bulldog all sharing the one I have. Please feel free to use the photo in any publicity if it is of use to you 

Regards Diane Garratt  ( marchmanor bullmastiffs )

November 2016

Thanks so much for the fantastic bed. This is Grian trying it out. It was a super surprise and I'm delighted with it as is Grian. Regards Ann Cubitt

November 2016

The lovely Cooper on his comfy bed.... clearly loves it he's had it for 2 years now .....what a great buy Cooper can highly recommend it zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dawn Murphy

November 2016

We previously purchased a large Tuffies bed for Bertie, our Border Terrier, a few years ago when he suddenly took an aversion to his fabric crate which he’d had for 6 years. He LOVED his new bed from the get-go and we are forever recommending them to other people. We recently bought a caravan and bought him a medium Tuffies and a sock, in case he got chilly at night, and we thought you’d like to see the photos of him ‘slumming it’. He is so cosy when we’re away that we literally have to shake him out of it. We have also just ordered a mat for him for the living room as his previous mat has recently given up the ghost.

Thank you so much for making such quality beds, we wasted so much money over the years on cheaper beds which only lasted for a few months. Tuffies are definitely a worthwhile investment and prove the old adage that you get what you pay for!!

Bertie's mum

November 2016

Hi, I thought I would send you this photo. I can't recommend your beds and luxury fleece covers highly enough and I thought this photo might back up my thoughts!! Kind regards Susan Jackson

November 2016

Just want to say thanks for the rapid delivery of the two tuffies beds I ordered.  My two dogs Talisker and Digby love them, the only problem is the aga isn't big enough!! I've attached a pic for you of the pair of them enjoying their new beds.

Many thanks


Nov 2016

With reference to my order place last week I would just like to say on behalf  of my dog Fletcher a big thanks for getting this great bed to us quickly so he can enjoy it on his holiday 

October 2016

Hello, Our bespoke durasoft bed arrived on Friday and we're very pleased! The bed fits perfectly in the space and our Basset Hound Cocker Spaniel cross Billy took to it straight away.

Thanks very much, Lianne

October 2016

The tunnel cover arrived today for Sapphire's bed. She is a blue great dane and we adopted her 10 weeks ago, through Daneline UK.

As you  can see,  she finds the bed extremely comfortable and we are delighted with the quality and workmanship. The fleece is thick and luxurious and will keep her cosy throughout the winter.

Thank you so much for your attention to detail and prompt delivery. We shall gladly  recommend Tuffies to all our friends. Please feel free to use this on your testimonials page, if you wish.

Many thanks
Rosemary Webb.

October 2016

Bertie loves his new bed, arrived today, thank you Carole Miller

November 2016

I have persuaded 3 of my friends to buy TUFFIEs for their dogs.. Here  is a picture of 3 dogs loving their beds...

Alastair Shanks

October 2016

I have just taken this photo of Amber and Pipit sharing a bed. I hope it makes you laugh, Amber is 11 years old and Pipit is 10 weeks old and invading her space. 
We will have to buy another bed when she's bigger. 
Tim. & Moraig

After sharing a photo of my English Mastiff, Ava, on Facebook, I was asked about her bed. I shared a link to your website with a recommendation for Tuffies matress beds.
I just wanted to let you know that Ava's Tuffie bed is nearly five years old, and despite the colour fading slightly because of being outside, it is still like new.  Most importantly it is still completely supportive of 95kg Mastiff, which is a testament to the quality and durability of the bed. If it gets dirty, I hose it down, and it cleans up well. 
I will definitely buy Tuffies beds in the future, and will recommend them to others.
Kind regards,
Maxine and Ava

Thank you very much for my new bed - it just arrived and I'm already settling in! Molly the Lab 🐾 (Padley)

Hi Christine and Luise and Gang, I wrote a testimonial a couple of months ago, but have just bought another mattress pad and feel that I have to write again !! I rang on Monday and asked for a bespoke Mattress pad and cover to be made. Today is Wednesday and it has arrived. I am amazed at how quickly you have made it for me and of course it is up to your usual high standards.. Thank you all SO MUCH !!!!!

With love Jackie and Jess

Bespoke bed.

July 2016

BRILLIANT service - ordered dog bed Sunday night, delivered Thursday, just in time for me to collect my new dog on Friday!
I've deducted half a mark for wrong house number on parcel label, although it was correct on the invoice inside.

You will see that Sapphire is quite comfy on her new bed, after travelling from Liverpool to Cornwall.

Thank you so much for a great product and great service.

Kind regards

Rosemary Webb.

140 x 92 bed with Luxury Fleece

Do you think I like my new bed ....?? Haha, thanks again guys - my dogs love your beds - please use this image at your discretion Regards, Alastair Chalmers

July 2016

Custom made Tuffie with Fluffie Tuffie cover.

Hiya Luise

Id be thrilled if you use my email on your website .

Ive sent two more pics ,one taken this morning ,this is how I find Gretal almost every morning,and another taken when they were a year old  and the Tuffie had a hard winter ...and my dog barely gets on it and as you can see it dosnt matter where the Tuffie is she is on it !

Kind Regards Cheryl Mairi & Gretal.

July 16

Ancient Tuffie 110x68cm.

Hi Tuffies,
Just a quick email to let you see how Joska is enjoying his tuffie nest with the luxury fleece cover .. easy life .. Best wishes Mike Lawn

July 16

XL nest with full nest cover.

Our bespoke service means that you can have your Tuffies mattress bed to fit in your woodden bed or in a special place in the house.

This was kindly sent in by Sally Penfold in June 16:

Hi. Glad you like the pictures. Stanley is 11 years old. I have bought him in the past several dog beds, and he never used them as he is so fussy. And in the morning I would wake up and Stan would be Sleeping at the bottom of my bed, but not with the new Tuffies Mattress, he really love it he is on it most of the time. When I received the mattress, I was so surprised on how well made it was with a good weight. Stan also in the passed had nerve problems in his back with twitching but it's seems to have stopped since he slept on it. So Meny other dog beds are so soft and flimsy that it can't be good for the dogs backs. The Tuffies Dog Beds and mattresses are of a very high Quality and at a good price. I'm so glad I've got my bed back and Stanley is at last happy with his. Also the covers are so lovely you can tell they are all hand made and a great Choice of colours and designs I love them all so much will be buying another soon and hopefully will have the whole set by the end of the year. A Big Thank You. Sally Penfold.

I am a Gypsy, and as you can see, I am laid on my new bed,just bought for me. I go for a run then rest in comfort , at ease, On my new bed made for me by Tuffies. My master’s so pleased he chose this one for me, Says Tuffies service and help is exemplary.   many thanks James Dyer

Tuffies Mattress bed with Luxury Fleece.

May 16

I thought I would let you know it is not just dogs that like your beds. Having stolen my great Danes bed, I have now got him his own! Picture attached of my Maine Coon Archie. Kind regards, Julie

June 16

76x68cm Wipe Clean Tuffie

Have revived the bed today. Thank you very much  he loves it :-)Great quality  bed. Bailey loves it. Thanks again Emma Morris

May 2016

Large Raised Bed with liner

Dear EVERYONE at Tuffies, I just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU - to everyone at Tuffies. I have recently bought a wipe clean nest with the 'luxury' autumn check fleece and also a couple of Durasoft mattress beds again with the autumn check fleece and I am absolutely delighted with them, as is Jess my Border Collie. The quality of the beds is OUTSTANDING, they are by far the best dog beds I have ever had and my spoilt Dog has had a few ! The difference with these beds is that they look as though they are made to last. Not only that, but they look great and Jess LOVES them. The mattress beds were made specially to fit my dog crates / cages and the staff at Tuffies couldn't have been more helpful making sure that we got the size correct. The staff have always been extremely cheerful and helpful ! I would recommend Tuffies to anyone ! Oh and one last thing - the dispatch time was incredible - even with the custom made items ! A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FROM BOTH ME AND JESS !!! Jackie

May 2016

Mattress bed with Luxury Fleece

He loves this so much he doesn't even want to come up on our bed. Thanks for a great product. Sarah Pepper

XL nest with full nest cover

May 2016

Ferdie is now a "two tuffie" dog. Large one in the kitchen with his girls,and a lounge one for "best"_ very pleased! Diane and Ian McDonald

110x68cm bed with Black Watch Luxury Fleece

May 2016

Thought you might like to see Mouse, Jez and Daz in their new bed :-D

Bespoke bed.

April 2016

Hi, I just wanted to say how great the tuffies nest covers are. My Jack Russell has found a great use for his pad cover by turning it upside down. Thanks again Hannah

April 2016

Nest cushion cover upside down

Hi Luise I thought I would send you a photo of Bodi in his nest. He hopped into it and looks very at home within minutes of the packaging being removed! Thanks Kathy

March 2016


Dear Tuffies, 
We wish to complain about our order from you received week commencing 23/03/2016 order number Tuffies2017032016540157497.  We heard about your products after numerous recommendations from other dog owners on the Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Social Group Facebook page. We ordered the Tuffies dog bed and cover and since it has arrived our Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla Rab has not hardly moved from it. Safe to say in fact he has now become a Hermit... He used to be outside a lot, however seems to only venture out now to go to the loo! 
We are of course absolutely delighted with our order and will happily be recommending it to our friends for their dogs and thought we'd let you know. We are so pleased with it in fact that we intend to order another one soon for our other outdoor dog Freddie, though I'm personally concerned that he decides to no longer be an outside dog once he gets his!
Thanks again for a brilliant product. 
Regards Al and Claire Murdoch. 

March 2016

110 x 68cm mattress bed with Autumn colour Luxury Fleece.

Hi Tuffies

Thought you’d like to see this.  Our Tuffies has been going strong for about 3 years, with no real wear and tear. It still looks great and is not only used by 15 year old Vizsla Kiwi, but now 8 week old Nellie is loving it too. You make excellent beds and we recommend them to everyone.

Kind Regards,Fiona Starbuck

March 2015

Bespoke size with Black Watch Luxury Fleece cover.

My English Pointer Dexter loves burrowing and had a blanket in his tuffie for bed time. However the blanket always moved and he kept me awake at night trying to get back under it to the point where I would get up 3 or 4 times a night to re cover him. I saw the best sock and thought I'd give it a go. He loves it and I don't here a peep from him all night!!


March 2016


After tearing my hair out and my dog going through numerous beds and blankets we decided to invest in a really tough tuffie.  I was skeptical about spending so much money on a dog bed but after having the bed for nearly 3 months I can confirm that the bed is absolutely fantastic and a very worth while investment! It has made such a difference to us knowing that our dog can’t destroy the bed and is therefore safe from eating it. I would buy this bed again and have been recommending it left right and centre.
Pic above. 
Many thanks

Sarah Foster

February 2016


Really Tough Tuffie

Dear Tuffies We recently purchased a new bed for our wireless HWV Layla and thought we'd sent a photo of her in it. She now spends more time in her own bed than on the sofa or on our bed. Thank you for a great product.


February 2016


Hi Christine 
They arrived today!! The dogs love them, thank you so much

My westie loves it but so does the bigger one even though he is too big!!


February 2016


Hello Luise and all the team at Tuffies, Just wanted to let you know we are delighted with the beds. Poppy has been in hers all day after our walk and is visibly pleased with her new bed! Flo our arthritic collie will get her bed with the lowered side when I head to Ireland at Easter, but I can tell it will be loved just as much as our other Tuffies! Thanks! Nicola

February 2016


Well what a wonderful hit. I can't tell you how many beds we have been through to find one with high sides that don't collapse when you hang a paw out!!! Shame I didn't quite get my order right and order the correct nest cover but I will sort that out!!! Thanks again. Sophie Vann and Daisy dog!

February 2016


Just to say a thank you for our new dog bed. The girls are really enjoying using it! Many thanks

Maria Moore

February 2016



Our dog Jura thinks her tuffies bed is a hoot……and very comfy.

John McKenzie

February 2016

110 x 68cm Tuffies Mattress with Autumn Check Luxury Fleece

Hi, it's been over two years since I bought Bert his Tuffies nest now and it's still looking pretty much as good as new! Here's a picture to show him enjoying it, and he's grateful that there's plenty of room for all his toys too! Thanks so much, not had another dog bed come close to this one!


Feb 2016

XL Nest

Tuffies has been extraordinary in both customer service and quality. Luise answered my many, many questions quickly and precisely. The order was made easily and arrived at our doorstep in great time!
As for the dogs, they are loving their new beds! Each of the three dogs were previously extremely destructive with any bed given to them (even resulting in a couple of surgeries) but not even an attempt has been made to chew on the Tuffies - instead they just hop in and take a nap! I could not be happier with my entire experience.
A huge thank you to Luise and the Tuffies team!

January 2016

One very happy dog. His bed is fantastic and he hasn't moved out of it since it arrived, thank you. Hugo the Masterdor loving his Tuffies bed.


Large Nest with cover.

January 2016

Good morning dog lovers, New dog bed arrived yesterday and they love it - as you can see, they got right at home immediately. Many thanks for such speedy service, Regards, Alastair Chalmers Midmar

Waterproof Tuffie with Fluffie Tuffie cover.

January 2016

Hi Just like to show you a picture of my very happy 14 year old lab in his lovely new bed. He loves it and won't get out of it. I'm so pleased with it. It supports him and cradles him in a very comfortable way for his old bones. None of the other dogs are allowed in Douglas has made it quiet clear it's his bed. Thanks you so much I really didn't anticipate the happiness created by buying a dog bed. It made such a difference to Douglas in just a few days, he much more comfortable, but I think you can see that by his expression. It nice to be able to do something for him he's such a lovely dog. Kind regards S

Large Wipe Clean Nest

Jan 16



Just wanted to say thanks for the nest sock,  it arrived yesterday and Mac is pretty happy with it, snuggled in on this dreary morning. Very pleased.

XL nest

Nov 2015

Thankyou for our tuffies bed, it has revolutionised our lives!
Our lap loving vizslas have ditched us for their tuffie in front of the fire!!
XL bed is great plenty big enough, both sleeping like babies!!

November 2015

Flint doesn't like his new bed, he LOVES it as you can see! Spoilt rotten but well worth it. Thankyou. JM yorkshire.

November 2015

Bespoke bed size

Dear Tuffies,Many thanks for the super bed, excellent service, made to measure!!Our German Shepherd, Heidi loves her new bed.Best Wishes Sonja Williams

Nov 2015 Bespoke size bed

Hi Luise! The Tuffie nest cover and new cushion cover have just arrived and Aoife has wasted no time at all making herself at home! 😊 Hopefully this will help her sleep a lot better at night now that her "brother" Bryn has died.

Hilary Mayne

Nov 2015

Yes of course you can put my last e-mail into your testimonials page but the photos aren't great I'm afraid. I thought I would send you a few others which are no photographic masterpieces either but I thought you would see how big a part of our lives the Tuffies have become!

Hilary Mayne

Nov 2015

Thank you for our new

Cheryl Sadler

Large Durasoft Nest

Oct 2015

Hi Christine/Luise

Thank you so much for sending the mattress so quickly. "The girls" have settled well on it, and I am so pleased not to be having to wash smelly dog bedding this week....hurrah ! I have enclosed photos of them on their new mattress and bed. Again, many thanks. 

Best wishes


Hello Tuffie People,I wanted to send you these photographs of Norman, my new lurcher hound, squeezing into a Tuffie one size too small! It belonged to my old girl Star, a staffy cross who died aged 16 a couple of years ago. I love this bed, as does Norman!Best wishes to you all.Celia Regan,from aboard our narrow boat home on the Grand Union Canal

Oct 15

This is a Medium Nest

Dear Team,           I just had to drop you a line to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a superb bed! My old Deerhound/Lurcher Harry is in seventh heaven!                       For the first couple of days he dithered between the sofa(a favourite spot) and this new bed,but very soon voted with his paws and now is totally smitten with the sheer comfort and support for his ancient bones,and spends most of his days on his new best friend,his Tuffie!    I enclose photo as evidence!!                                  Many Thanks                                                From                                    Harry and Susan Auger    

Oct 15

140 x 92cm mattess bed


Well what can I say, you've answered all my queries by email promptly and it arrived when you said it would.
I really like, ok love, the colours combo I chose 
But THE best thing was my dogs reaction to it.
When I was signing for it he was so happy bum wiggle in overdrive he was so busy checking it out he forgot to inspect the courier, from a spaniel high praise so far. Then we put it in the lounge and there was much inspection and bum wiggling and an attempt to get in whilst it was still wrapped up. When I had the gaul to touch it and unwrap it the look was enough to turn me to stone.Very quickly the bum waggling returned as he inspected the outside then jumped in, a very cute bunny hop, then a little scratching around as he made some adjustments. A quick pop out to get tweety and he's settled. Possibly for the day even though there's workmen around he's in his nest.
Added bonus hubby loves it too and thought it was double what it actually cist so I get browny points for a proper bed at a reasonable price.
A few pics to illustrate how much Cooper loves his bed
Thanks Tuffies peeps from a very happy family


I thought you might like to see how my English Springer Spaniel has taken to her new bed! (Received yesterday!) Fantastic! With thanks Nicky

110 x 68cm mattress bed with Tunnel Cover.

Sept 2015

Somone suggested that I send you these - Ruby (1 years old) in her large tuffies nest!!
Great bed!!
Kind regards Jennifer

Aug 2015

Large nest

Hi there,Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for such a great product and a great service! Our English springer pup Matilda loves her new bed, she loves to stretch out on it and she has plenty of room to grow. 

Thanks again, Sandra

August 2015

76x68cm Durasoft mattress bed



Hi there Just wanted to send you some photos of my golden lab Brae and his tuffies bed. We bought it back in December and he still absolutely loves it! We went for the xl nest and also bought the cover for it too. He likes to be sprawled out when sleeping, so he has plenty room in this as you can tell from the photos! Thank you again, and will probably be in touch in the new year to get a bed for in the car when we get our new car! Leigh

Aug 2015

XL nest

I thought you might like to see these piccies, as you can see it is a very popular bed and has served us well for years.  We had five golden retrievers when it was first bought and it really did stand up to a lot of hard wear --- until the advent of our cocker spaniel puppy, now eleven months old.  She proved to be a digger, and obviously had much sharper claws than the goldens!!!  The label on the cover was her first target and then having removed that there was a softer bit beneath it, the rest can be guessed!  There is at present a large thick piece of vetbed covering the whole bed to cover the hole.  As you can see the bed is also popular with grandchildren.  A very versatile bed! Thank you again, Yours, Ruth Harriss

August 2015


Dear Luise, Two good old boys - both Field Trial Champions - on their own Tuffies. left: Field Trail Champion Golden Retriever LOWLY NABUCCO right: Field Trial Champion Labrador HARPERRIG ARCHIBALD Greetings, Henk Companjen

Sunday 1st March 2015: We have just this minute launched the NEST SOCK and Facebook and our Website is going mad. This is all thanks to our customer Corinne Knoesen and her Vizsla Fettle. Corinne asked if we could make a sock for her Tuffies Nest dog bed. We duly did and it was a BIG success with Fettle. Here is a photo of Fettle on Christmas day. Fabulous. Thank you Corinne, for coming up with this great idea. Luise

Buster loves his new tunnel Tuffie cover - maybe now he'll stop trying to burrow under our duvet!  Emma

Thank you so much for providing my 2 working cocker spaniels somewhere comfortable after a hard day working. If you ever need any beds tested you know where to contact me! Photo attached.  Thanks Sandra Rankin  June 15


These are our two Tuffies after being Dettoxed and hosed down today. They are now over eleven years old and are the best beds we have ever purchased. Regards, Pete and Margaret Curran. July 15

Many thanks for quick delivery of the bed. May have to invest in a nest for my old cavie in the future as by baby gsd cross is a bit of a sprawler on it it seems!



The Pugs love their Tuffies Bed

Jane Pritchard

March 15




I've had their Tuffies bed since January and absolutely love it. It doesn't smell like other dog beds and the Fleece Cover has only been washed once since January and only because they decided to rake the bin and cover their bed in chilli. Lol. But it's fantastic and the dog love it (and the rabbit).

Debbie Touhey April 15



Dear Tuffies Team,

I ordered a Tuffies dog bed in utter desperation because my 3 indoor dogs a) constantly shredded the beds I was buying and b) I needed a decent, hardwearing, insulating, comfortable bed that accommodated my two elderly dogs arthritic joints and old bones.

The bed arrived safely, with great customer service from Tuffies.  There is however a “major issue” with the bed. Since the beds arrival and once they started using it, 3 previously very active dogs have become very lazy - they refuse to move, let alone go for a walk. I have attached a picture highlighting my issues. Please advise!

On a serious note, I am delighted with the bed – it has surpassed my expectations and I am very pleased. Thank you.


Helen Williams,


Dear Luise,  I Thought you may like to see that attached images of my whippet x, Millie, using her new Tuffies bed - we took them both camping in Snowdonia and this was the result! It's a great bed to take camping since it's washable and tough - completely perfect!  

Anyway, all best, Sarah





I have attached a photograph you might like!

A few weeks ago I purchased a Tuffie bed for my two cocker spaniels.  I told them that, if they liked it, I would buy a second one so that they could have one each.  The first bed arrived and was placed on the floor and was immediately claimed by my two cats.  For almost 24 hours a day there was a cat (or two!) on the bed and the dogs didn't get a look in!  So, earlier than expected I purchased a second Tuffie bed and assured Emily and Amy that this bed would be 'theirs'.

The attached photograph was taken one hour after the second bed arrived!  I now have one cat on one bed, one cat on the other and the dogs???  Well, they have taken over the settee in disgust although they do occasionally sneak in one the rare occasion when one or other bed is unoccupied!
















Hi Luise!
I just had to write you and tell you just how much Griffey LOVES his Tuffie nest!  We won the calendar photo contest for December last year and it has been the BEST thing we've ever won!  He used to chew all of his old beds but his nest is indestructible.  It's his favorite place to sleep, we even bring it with us when we go away overnight.   THANK YOU for such a great product!!  We recommend to all of our friends!

Happy Holidays,Cherilyn, Scott, and of course Griffey!


Helpful Bert


I would like to enter the monthly competition please.   I wasn't sure how many photos I could send, please find attached three photographs of our beatiful Black Labrador, Cole (female).   In the first one she is posing in the garden in summer, second one she's playing in the snow last year.   In the third one, she's had a bit of fun in her kennel but knew she was in trouble.  She had a tuffies chewproof bed with a cushion bed on the top, as you can see she completely destroyed the cushion leaving the untouched tuffie underneath - what a good investment that was.   We now have a new puppy who is destroying everything, we are getting another kennel this week and will probably need another tuffie and she likes to chew things, we've only had her 6 weeks and she has already destroyed 3 beds, she is now sleeping on blankets until we get the new kennel!!!   Kind regards   Mrs Louise Fox