Bespoke service

Our popular bespoke service means that we can make ALMOST any shape of flat Tuffie dog bed you want. We have made them for under the kitchen work tops, fitting benches, window sills or alcoves, in or on top of special sized kennels, for caravan cubbyholes, holiday cottage benches, on boats and for tractors, triangles for corners, ovals for wicker or plastic baskets. The list goes on.


If you have certain shape or size, please give us a ring and we can give you a price for a bespoke Tuffie.

Here is Darcy and Findlay in their bespoke beds fitting their allocated space in the back of the car (sent in by Kim Gunning).


And here are Judi Milne's dogs on a bespoke bed fitting the alchove. Very smart and made just to fit.

                  Oval Bed

Special Sizes trans k9