What could be more important than comfort when you make dog beds? Tuffies dog beds are made by dog owners for dog owners’ dogs.

Comfort is not just one thing. Comfort is different from dog to dog. What is comfortable for a New Foundland dog may not be comfortable for a Dalmatian. The New Foundland dog would need cool conditions and would not be likely to enjoy a nest with sides on. They have such a thick coat that it is important for them to be able to cool down. In fact a nice, cool tiled floor would often be their preferred sleeping place. To give a large dog like that or like a Great Dane with sharp elbows a perfect dog bed, our 140 x 92 cm Wipe Clean bed would probably be the right one. Easy to clean, cool and with no hairs stuck to the outside.


The Dalmatian, on the other hand would very much appreciate all creatures’ comfort. We would always recommend a nest for dogs with short, fine coats. Here they can be super warm and draught free, snuggled in to the bottom of the bed. Again, for the issue of dog hairs, a wipe clean nest would be great for Dalmatians as the little “pinny” hairs can be hard to get off fabrics. However, a short haired dog like that might find that the Durasoft feels like a warmer surface. This really just comes down to taste.



For the absolute top notch comfort, we also offer an added pampering for the nests: The Nest Cover.



For the smallest of dogs, our Mini-Wolf-Den is what toy dogs would consider appropriate comfort. They love super softness and they love being able to be covered, especially at night.

The Mini-Wolf-Den folds down to be a nest type bed at day time and can then be folded up to create a little den at night time.

Perfect toy dog comfort.