Futon mattress

The mattress that is inside our beds is the most important part. This is the bit you can’t see, so the proof of durability and comfort is in the long term wear! Here at Tuffies we make the same type and style of futon mattress for both our nest beds and mattress beds. It is made from cotton and polyester hollow fibre, which stands up to long term use by even the heaviest dogs.. Here at Tuffies we actually build a futon, which means that the insulating and supporting stuffing will stay in place and it will not go flat. When you feel and lift our beds, you will realise that there are channels with fibre, holding it all in place and you will also be impressed with the weight of the bed.

Just like your own human bed, a slight firmness is the best. We, as humans, are not happy sleeping in something where it’s difficult to roll over and where we get smothered by blankets etc. We all aim for the perfect Goldilocks average where the bed is firm and supporting and yet not hard. That is exactly what we do for our dog beds to make sure your dog can say that the bed is just perfect. In fact, JUST PERFECT is exactly what we do here at Tuffies.

You will, if you cut open an ordinary pet shop bed, find loose fibre, which will flatten very quickly because the manufacturers skimp on content. But the worst is that it will soon disperse under the dog and end up round the edges with the dog’s elbows on the hard floor. It might LOOK nice, but your dog can’t inform you that it is uncomfortable and cold.


With our futon mattresses your dog can dig as much as he likes, he will always have thick support and insulation under him because the futon will stay in place. Where two or more dogs share a bed, the distribution of warmth and support will also be equal at all times.