Hygiene and Cleaning

Some dogs can be a bit whiffy. They also spend a substantial amount of the day on their dog beds with the combined result that the dog beds tend to smell and need to be washed. Most people find the task of washing dog beds a bit of a drag and the easier this can be done, the better.

At Tuffies we offer various options in terms of cleaning and hygiene, so there should be a care-system that suits you.

Washing machine or not? If you hate the thought of ever putting dog beds or dog blankets through your domestic washing machine, you should opt for our mattress beds, either the Wipe Clean or the Durasoft. These beds can be used just as they are (without the extra, optional covers), so when it is time to give them a clean, you simply take a bowl of hot, soapy water (non-bio detergent) and scrub them with a sponge outside till they are nice and clean. Rinse down with clear water from the hose pipe and dry off. The Durasoft fabric needs to be air dried for about 45 minutes on a nice, sunny day, whereas the Wipe Clean can be towelled dry and used straight away again.

You can clean the nest dog beds in the same way. The nests do come with a fleece fitted on to the base cushion, but you can take that off and use the bed as a purely waterproof bed that can be cleaned with hot soapy water and a hose pipe as the mattress beds mentioned above. The seams are not sealed and you do need to bear that in mind when washing. Simply avoid immersing the bed in water and don't point the water hose directly on the seam.


Equally, the chew proof dog bed, our Really Tough Tuffie, is simple to keep hygienic as you just scrub it with hot, soapy water and rinse down.


If you prefer to use the washing machine for the bulk of your dog bed cleaning, we also have plenty of options for that. Most popular is our mattress beds with optional soft covers on them. The Luxury Fleece is very, very popular as it slips on the bed and closes with poppers. To wash it, you simply give it a 40 degree wash in the machine and dry it on the line. These covers dry super quickly and come up like new.


All our soft covers are easy to wash and if you want to protect your nest with a washable cover, we supply an overall cover, which you can take off and wash in the washing machine too.


All in all, whichever way you prefer for cleaning your dog bed, we have a good solution to offer.