Soft Outer Covers

To make sure we cover all wishes and uses of our customers, we also offer optional outer covers for our dog beds. Around 40% of our customers buy the mattress beds and use them as they are without any extra covers. This is because they find it a huge advantage NOT having to put anything through the washing machine, but simply use the bed as a waterproof base for their dog. This applies equally to the Wipe Clean as to the Durasoft. Sometimes this is because it can be bad news for the washing machine with all the hairs in it, but sometimes it is just because it is a lot easier to only hose the bed down as the only means of cleaning.

However, the 60% of our customers who buy mattress dog beds from us also opt for one of our soft covers. We now offer a range of soft covers with the Luxury Fleece cover as the favourite by a long way.



If you like vet bedding, we also use a very similar product to make a complete cover out of. This is the Fluffie Tuffie Cover. Again, this makes a very warm and cosy bed.



Another unique cover to Tuffies is our Wicking Covers. This fabric is designed for seat covering in off-road vehicles where out-doorsy people are in and out, often in the rain, getting wet. The Wicking seat covers mean that they then don’t feel wet and damp sitting on their seats while driving. This rang bells for dog beds and we are using this material in our dog beds as one of the optional soft covers.


We have a number of other soft outer covers, mainly for summer use, where you don’t need the warmth of a Fluffie Tuffie or Luxury Fleece and don’t need the Wicking. We have cotton and polyester covers for this and they are super easy and quick to wash and dry. This is the Summer Cover.