Not only do we offer fabulous colours and designs in our range of dog beds, but the fact that our products are easy to clean and durable means that they keep looking stylish for years. A well used, yet still in shape and clean dog bed can be an asset to a house.

We also offer bespoke sizes, which means you can order a mattress bed that will fit in to any space in your house, garden hut or car. Many customers have a dog bed under a kitchen unit so that it is out of the way on the larger floor space and at the same time gives the dog a bit of a den-feeling, which is what they love. In the back of your car, we can make very bespoke beds that fit round the wheel arches as well. This is great when you have several dogs making the most of the limited space, especially if you are travelling far.

Our Raised Tuffie beds are in a contemporary style, fitting in to a house as a little doggy arm chair. The liners come in many different colours and you can even have two liners to swap between. Our Flint Grey colour is extremely popular as it remains the base colour of interior designs. You may prefer to choose a colour matching your dog’s coat a bit more as dogs inevitably shed hairs, which become less obvious if you have a bed cover in similar colours.


We once ran out of labels, so we sent the dog beds out without our logo label. Customers called to complain that the logo was missing, so I guess we can conclude that our label is also part of the style, that our customers find attractive.

Whichever style you go for, we have a wide choice of colours, which will fit in to your house or car. The colour schemes for Tuffies dog beds come together in one warm combination when you see all the products together such as at a show. Here is the stand at Crufts before the show has opened and the colours all fit each other nicely.