There are various reasons why support is important in a dog bed. Very large dogs definitely need a supportive dog bed. These are often difficult to find in high street pet shops. Manufacturers of very large dog beds tend to skimp on the filling or the filling tends to be loose and hence won’t stay in place leaving the dog’s big bones virtually touching the floor.

With the futon mattress manufactured by Tuffies, the mattress is so thick that no matter how sharp an elbow your dog has or how heavy he is, he will never be feeling the floor. Very large dogs hugely benefit from a Tuffies supporting mattress bed. Likewise, the nest beds we make, have a supportive futon mattress in the base.


Good support is also important if you have show dogs. Any sign of callus on the elbows looks unsightly and will affect the impression in the ring. It is not difficult to prevent calluses as long as you get a tuffie. If the calluses are already there, it can be difficult to get rid of them and some of our soft outer covers would be good for going forward to allow the calluses to heal.

Support is obviously important for every dog, but nothing can be more important than support for a dog with a tendency to lameness or arthritis. It is crucially important to be gentle to the joints and the futon mattress in our Tuffies dog beds is perfect for this. The clinical onset of arthritis is almost certain to be postponed if the dog bed provides good support and insulation from a sneakingly cold floor..


Many, many veterinary surgeries up and down the country order our Wipe Clean Tuffie beds with Luxury Fleece covers for their patients, especially orthopaedic patients in their surgery recovery kennels. Further, when the dog comes home from surgery there is continued need to give the recovering dog good support, which a Tuffie with the thick, not too soft, not too firm, mattress gives.

Photo courtesy of one of our customers.