As dogs mostly live their lives close to the floor (unless they demand the sofa and your bed….), it is worth taking a moment to experience the temperature that your house has at foot level. Unless you have under-floor heating, it might surprise you how cold it actually is if you lie down on the floor. This can be an eye opener when you think of what dog bed to buy.

If you have a cold floor, but no draught through the house, a good Tuffies mattress bed would be ideal. Most of our customers, who buy our mattress beds also choose an optional cover, especially if the dog only has a fine coat like a Vizsla or a little Jack Russel (as opposed to a Labrador, a Chow Chow or a New Foundlaner for example). The mattress bed is super easy to clean and the cover washes so well and easily, it’s and ideal dog bed.


However, if you find that there is a bit of draught at floor level, the perfect solution is a nest dog bed for your dog. The nest has a 30cm high surround, giving plenty of warmth for your dog, no matter how draughty the house (or kennel) seems. Your dog will be able to snuggle right in to the base and feel warm and cosy.


If you want to go to the extreme, our nest sock will give your dog the ultimate warmth, almost no matter how cold or draughty your house is. The sock is an optional extra to the nest and goes half way over the nest, secured with a draw string. Cold type of dogs are loving this and the nest sock was actually designed at the request from one of our customers, who has a Vizsla. She asked us if we could make a sort of sock for the nest she had already and we made it for her. She gave us perfect feedback so we could get the product completely right and we are now selling lots of them during the cold winter months.