Cleaning instructions

It is super easy and quick to clean any of our Tuffie products.


Woven Surface Tuffie:

Take a bowl of hot, soapy water (you can use any bleach-free liquid) and sponge over the whole bed. Rub extra where there are stains etc.

Once you are happy that it is all covered, simply hose the bed all clean.

                   Washing Tuffie            Rinsing Tuffie


The woven Surface Tuffie then needs to air dry for a while to allow the surface material to dry off. No water will penetrate, but the surface will absorb a little water, which needs to dry off. On a summer's day, this will only take 45 minutes.


Wipe Clean Tuffie:

You can wash the Wipe Clean Tuffie off exactly as the Woven Surface Tuffie above. The difference is that you can either air-dry the Wipe Clean Tuffie or simply dry it off with a towel.

                               Drying Tuffie  Wipe Clean Tuffie

Furthermore, if there is a small accident on your Wipe Clean Tuffie, you can use a household surface cleaner and mop it up. No need to take it all outside for a thorough clean.








If you have a "Wipe Clean" Tuffie, the water just runs off in droplets and you may towel it completely dry. The "Wipe Clean" Tuffie can also be easily cleaned simply by wiping it with a damp cloth and cleaning fluid such as your standard bath room cleaner.