Photo Gallery: A picture selection of dogs and Scotland   CLICK ON IMAGES TO SEE LARGER PICTURES  

Although we make dog beds and pretty much concentrate on that, we also get a moment or two to get out and about to observe Scotland. I think it's fair to say that we all, here at Tuffies, have an interest in the out-doors and wild life. It is nice to share some with our web site visitors and below are a few shots from out and about. Did you know that the wren is the most common bird in UK? Here is the baby-wren just peeking out.



Highland pony with stag in the stalking season. This is the only way to take the deer off the hill in some places. The ponies are clever creatures that way.


Dog on point at Rothiemurchus


Hunting day at Rothiemurchus


A wee bothy in the Highlands, clearly containing a pot of gold.


The view at Rothiemuchus in August.


Pony taking the stag away



Pony giving the dog a little scratch on the bum.


Amazing inter-species communication of sorts.


Off to the hills.


This is Scotland, not Africa


Gollum and Luise at Challater


Rainbow at Kinveachie


Waterfall at Kildermorie Estate


Kildermorie Estate


Gaia at Challater


Gaia on point at the Glen Shi ski lifts in August


The Challater grouse beat


Dipper in the car at Challater grouse beat


Gaia finding grouse in July 2015 at Torrish.

Snow hare running off during our pairs count in April.


September days at Kildemorie 2014

Stags in velvet at Torrish "boxing" in July 2015


Gollum flushing a grouse. Click on image

Lovely days at Kildemorie north of Inverness 2014


Ptarmigan in April at Ben Rinnes. Plumage is between the winter white and summer stone-camouflage. Click on image

The wonderful woodcock at dusk.


Found this caterpillar in the heather. Turns out it's from an Emperor Moth. Click image

Gollum taking 40 winks during lunch break. It's a tiring life to be a working dog. When you don't have a dog bed to be comfy on, you have to do with some heather. Click on image.


Braeroy Estate. Fantastic scenery and a long walk to get there. The lunch was enjoyed under the rocks in the back ground. Marvellous. Click on image

Ben Alder Estate, Dalwhinnie. Always a beautiful place to work. First you cross the loch by boat to get to the grouse hill. Click on image


Tippex and Alice on the July moor. Click on image



Some years the heather comes out in extraordinary bloom. Click on image.

Gollum makes perfect use of the lawn mower. He does have several Tuffie dog beds, but they don't quite have the same height as this machine. Click on image.


Isle of Skye with snow on the Cuillin. Truly a magnificent place... if you get the weather right. Click on image

Ptarmigan on Ben Rinnes. Click image


Mountain hare in summer coat. Click on image

Very young grouse chick found by the pointers. Click


On top of the hills, looking for a water hole. Some August days can be soooo hot, even up high. Click

A Clumber Spaniel out on the moor. Click


Happy days on the beach. It seems working dogs find the "Go play" command very welcome. Click on image.

Happy days in the sea. Click


The misty hills can have their own spookiness

With a little snow left, we count spring grouse


Winter on Scotland's West Coast. There is NOBODY about.

Red grouse in Scotland


Gollum enjoying the thick snow

The country at gridlock. Not the dogs!!

When you know your warm dog beds wait at home, nothing matters.

The Cuillin at Isle of Skye Snowy West Coast of Scotland  
Ptarmigan on Ben Rinnes in May Gollum enjoying a full meal.  
Pony carrying the lunch on the hill Alice studying the gold fish  
Loch Ericht Tippex saying hello to a worried little pup.  

Here is Alice HIGHLY pregnant. Click on image

Alice meeting her firts, ever, pup.


Alice giving birth on one of her dog beds. Click on the image.


How the amazing instincts take over the dog. Cleaning the pups. Click on image.


Tiny new pups.

And there they are, nine healthy pups. Click on image


Alices pup three weeks

German Wirehaired Pointer, Tippex, with Alice's Hungarian Vizsla pups.






The milk bar on Tuffies dog beds. Also when sitting up... Click image

Tippex mesmerised by Alice's pups. Click on image


Alice taking time to play with her needle-teethed pups. Click on the image.

Pups six weeks old    
Alice loves playing in the bath Up on the moor