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XXL. inside: Approx 115x95cm £299.00
XL, inside: Apprx 90x70cm £207.00
Large, inside: Approx 75x60cm £186.00
Medium, inside: Approx 55x50cm £155.00
Small, inside: Approx 45x35cm £138.00

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Black w Autumn Check Fleece Black w Cream and Pawprint Fleece Black w Grey Check Black w Tweed Pattern Fleece Chocolate Brown w Tweed pattern fleece Chocolate Brown with Autumn Check Chocolate Brown with Paws Dark Green w Black Watch Fleece Dark Green w Cream and Pawprint Fleece Navy w Cream and Pawpring Fleece Navy w Red Tartan Fleece Russet w Autumn Check Fleece Russet w Cream and Pawprint Fleece Russet w Grey Check Russet w Red Swifts
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Our Nest dog beds are sturdy, waterproof and warm and come with a Luxury Fleece covered futon mattress in the middle.

COVER FABRIC:  Wipe Clean or Durasoft?

IS THE "WIPE CLEAN" FABRIC THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR ME? If you are looking for the type of dog beds where absolutely no dog hairs stick and if you want to be able to spot clean (slobber, grease etc) from your dog beds, the Wipe Clean type is ideal for you. This fabric feels like a waxed jacket, so it is smooth and subtle, a bit like soft leather. 100% waterproof so you can hose down and spot clean these dog beds. If you are looking for dog beds that are made from a more upholstery-like material, have a look at our Durasoft Tuffie nests.

THE NEST:  Dogs love the nest type dog beds because they can curl up inside, rest their head on the side and enjoy a totally draft free place from where they can watch the world. When your dog wants a bit more peace, he can cuddle up in his "den". This appeals to the wee wolf that lives inside every dog.

SURROUNDS: The Tuffie Nest dog beds have thick, strong walls for your
dog to rest his head (and often his front paws) on without the bed collapsing
down or getting out of shape.

FUTON CUSHION: In the middle of the nest
sits a Wipe Clean futon cushion. This is our standard futon mattress that
doesn't go flat or lumpy, but stays fresh and thick and provides perfect
insulation from the floor. All Tuffies dog beds have futons inside.

LUXURY FLEECE: The central cushion comes
fitted with a thick luxury fleece, which is machine washable.

WASHING: To wash the nest, you can take the cushion out, take the fleece off and
sponge with hot, soapy water and rinse. The surrounds can be turned inside out
and washed the same way as long as you don't point the water-jet directly on
the seams. The cushion fleece can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius. Click the "How to" button to see washing instructions.

CHEWABLE?  Nothing that you can cut with scissors is chew-proof!! Our dog beds are made from the most durable material available, but a determined chewer will always be able to cause damage. We find that sometimes our deighted customers will tell their friends that Tuffies dog beds are virtually indestructible, but unfortunately nothing is, not even a Tuffie. Tuffies are robust, stay thick and insulating and they last for years, but they are not chew-proof. HOWEVER, we have of course the Really Tough Tuffie, which is money-back guaranteed chew-proof.

SIZE GUIDE: Based on dogs lying comfortably curled up in
a nest, we advise the following sizes according to the dog's weight.
Up to 5Kgs:Small Nest.
5-15Kgs: Medium Nest.
15-30Kgs: Large Nest.
30-45Kgs: XL Nest.
Over 45Kgs: XXL. Make sure you are aware of this size. The XXL is HUGE!




We manufacture all of our products here at Tuffies. We operate as a "just in time" company, so everything is made and sent, we don't have stock sitting. Hence, during busy seasons our delivery times can be slightly longer, but we constantly update this at the top of our shop page so that you have an idea of the current ETA before you order.

When you go through the Check-out there is an option for you to tell us of a safe place (at your risk) where the courier may leave your parcel if you are not in. If you don't have a safe place, the courier will try a neighbour or leave a card through your door. If you do NOT want the parcel left with a neighbour, please tell us that too. Please see the exact Terms and Conditions here.


We are more than happy to take back any products, no questions asked. If you take delivery of your Tuffie and this is not for you, please let us know within 14 days. If you wish to return the product, you can send it back at your own cost (courier or post office) or we can ask our courier to pick it up from you, the cost for this is £15. Returned goods have to be in a resalable condition and unused.

Any defective goods will be returned at our cost. Please see the exact Terms and Conditions here

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