Washing Your Tuffies Mattress Bed:


Both the Durasoft and the Wipe Clean Tuffies Mattress beds can be washed down without putting anything in the washing machine:


Use really hot tap water (or even boil the kettle) and put a drop of Techwash from Nikwax (or similar type of liquid soap) into a jug. Pour the hot water in to dilute. Then, with thick rubber gloves so you don’t burn your hands, use a sponge to wash the bed all over.

Wash the bed all over


Once you have worked the soap well all over the surface of the bed, you can hose it all down:

Hose it all down


Either bed can be left to air dry:

leave to air dry


Or, if you have the Wipe Clean Tuffie, you can get it almost dry by simply towelling it down:

You can towel dry the wipe clean Tuffie