Photo Gallery: Dogs working on hunting days in Scotland  

Field sport is very much the passion that eventually resulted in the forming of Tuffies, a company producing strong, waterproof dog beds. The very old and iconic way of hunting wild quarry by using pointers to find and hold the game is especially used in Scotland to hunt for grouse. On a moor with a natural population of wild birds, the pointer dog runs wide and fast in search for the slightest scent of birds sitting in the heather. This is tricky and the end result is a fair hunt harvesting a few wild birds for the pot. Driven shooting is very, very different.

When it all goes well, the dog will find the bird and come on point. The picture below captures the cooperation between dog and human. The dog has found the scent of the birds and with his pointing stance, it is clear to the hunter that it is time to be ready.



Pontus on point, the others watching. Tom ready.

On Torrish Estate near Helmsdale.



Gaia ready with birds.


Gollum ready on point and Paul ready for the flush.

Everything is shot for the pot.


Dom with the lunch pony ready for the hill.

Gollum lying down on point waiting for Andy to get ready. Rothiemurchus August


Gollum on point, JUST at the crest of the hill. Guns climbing up for the position.


With the guns in position, Gollum flushes the birds.


Luise at Gairnshiel

Gaia ready with the birds and gun getting ready.



Pontus with one of his first birds and a supporting gun.


Luise with the three hounds.


Pontus running nicely with his head held high, catching the scent.

Gaia has remained sitting as the grouse flushes on the back wind.


Good boy.


  Hunting with my dog

   Gaia delivers my bird



Gollum intensely on point


Stalking at Kildermorie


Antoine is sure the dog is on point


Ian MacDonald at Kildermorie


And yes, she flushes the birds


One bird down and Gaia marks it



Gollum retrieved in hot weather and took a bath on the way


The clean, fast retrieve done


Frank with Bebe



Gaia pushing a grouse up from the heather on 12th August 2015. A truly beautiful day on the moor.

A quick and gentle retrieve by Gaia. Another bird to go in the pot.


The guns admire the first bird on the morning of the 12th August.

Wullie, shoot master, examines each bird. It is important to use this opportunity to check the general health of the grouse population and to check for ticks. The age of the birds are also determined before they are taken home.


A trick learned from Anne: carry half a football and a bottle of water. Easy for helping the dogs with the important thirst.

Tippex taking a soothing bath in a little water hole on the moor. It can get extremely hot running and running.


Gollum having a good old shake before we set off searching for birds

Gollum on point, scenting a bird in the heather


Gaia on point in the snow. Spring pointing gone slightly wrong

Gaia running in the start of a snow storm


Gaia on brood count on Torrish Estate near Helmsdale.

Jimmy and Richard Bain at Torrish Estate near Helmsdale


Grouse blood is often taken immediately to be sent away and checked for disease. Click on image

Gollum has got the scent of the birds, Ewan moving in. Click on image.



Alice on point and Dave walking up at the ready. Click on image

Gollum as peg dog, allert. Click on image.


Lunch arrives on pony at Braeroy estate. Click on image.


Taking the youngsters out for their first grouse shooting over pointers. Click on image.


Tippex on point in a dip and the gun ready. Click on image.

On command Tippex flushes the bird for the gun. Click on image


Alice is showing Julian where the woodcock is sitting. Click on image.

All game carefully collected for the table. Alice crossing the river. Dainty Alice is actually quite tough when it comes to rivers. Click on image.


Pick up dogs are essential for collecting all game for the table. Click image.

Tippex flushing a grouse. Click on image.


Alice's intense face while she awaits the action. An experienced picking up dog. Click on image.

Alice delivers the grouse. The midgets are homing in and the dram-stop (click image to see) has its problems!!!


Gollum busy at Glenstriven estate. Click on image

A fantastic, long, blind retrieve across the river and up the bank for a runner. Clean, fast pick up for good ethics. Just have to get over the river now. Click image.


Alice on the moor, out with the falconer for the day.

Alice allert on the moor. See-through ears.


Counting grouse pairs in the spring

Tippex pointing in the heather


Luise and Tippex on grouse

Gollum flushing grouse and then lying down


Woodcock days on Isle of Skye (The Cuillin in the back ground).

Luise annoying poor, hard working Alice


Gollum with face full of snow. On point nevertheless

Alice pointing a woodcock in the winter


Andy and Alice

Winter hunting


Grouse days, Tippex providing the sport

Tippex refreshing on snow during grouse count

Picking up dogs, all ears and eyes. Tippex retrieving fast and efficiently  
Anne with Dram and Isla Useful Highland ponies  
Vulin working the partridge Sporting Scotsman  
Pointing ptarmigan at Ben Rinnes On the misty moor  
Isla delivering Alice on grouse  
One of Tippex' first points and flushes 'Keepers daughter with peregrine  






Tippex and Alice pointing same bird No, I am just a pet, thank you!!!  
Tippex on point on a little grouse sitting tight The beautiful August days on the moors  
Working day on Drummochter Alice pointing snipe. She wears a bell so we can hear when she stops.