New dog bed designs

By far our most popular optional covers for the waterproof dog beds is our Luxury Fleeces. For several years we have found that the Autumn Check is the most popular along with the classic Black Watch tartan. These are both very colourful, but that also helps to cover up all manners of wet, dirty paws and dog hairs.

However, we do like to look at designs and in fact we engaged with two professional designers, but they could not come up with anything nice that we felt was contemporary and in the right style for dog beds. There is also a limit to what colours are available in the polyester that the fleeces are made from. Mixing some of them can obviously give a wider range of combinations as is seen in the Autumn Check design, but bottom line was that we felt we had to take action ourselves. Here at Tuffies there is no shortage of creativity and we played around with the colour possibilities first of all to get some practical, yet contemporary colours on the go. Next, it was a question of designs. For a long time we have wanted to use birds and swifts or swallows are a special favourite because they are easy to recognise and they represent summer and freedom. Grey and a splash of strong colour is very vogue, so here is what we settled for:

Red Swifts on Slate Grey.

Red Swifts on Slate Grey.

We were also missing some blue in our collection and we have a navy blue with Fleur de Lit on the go to be produced shortly, but today we took delivery of a beautiful design of a delicate blue-and-grey check. We wanted it to be Petrol Blue, but this one is a little bit lighter in colour than Petrol and it gives it a very summerly feel of sea and blue sky and water. Here it is:

Blue and grey check.

Blue and grey check.

The factory is shut now for the summer break, but we shall certainly get going and have these two new designs available by September.

Dog beds are more than just a perfect place for a dog to sleep, it is also an item that has to fit in with your interior designs and styles.

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