Tuffie survey 2009

This summer we conducted a survey of 400 customers, who have owned a Tuffie for MINIMUM two years. The results are below:

Please rate the overall quality of your Tuffie:


Absolutely Fabulous!: 57%
Excellent: 36%
Good: 14%
Fair: 1%
Poor: 2%

Please note, the people who chose Fair or Poor confirmed that the dog was a chewer and had eaten the Tuffie. We do not sell Tuffies as chew proof except the Really Tough Tuffie.


Please rate your Tuffie's durability:

Excellent: 80%

Good: 12

Fair: 4%

Poor: 4%

(It is worth noting that the few people, who did down rate the Tuffie said that their dog had chewed a hole in it. Some said that they would hope to win a Tuffie in this survey now that the puppy has grown out of its chewing stage because they felt that the Tuffie was otherwise very attractive and just what they needed. Chewing dogs are, of course, a big problem and we only sell the Really Tough Tuffie as “chew proof”)


Please rate value for money.


Excellent: 62%

Good: 27%

Fair: 8%

Poor: 3%


Does your dog like his/her Tuffie?

Yes: 99%
No: 2%


Would you recommend Tuffies to others?

Yes: 96%
No: 4%


Just some comments from people who have had their Tuffies for a couple of years:

"Now I have two Tuffies. Would not buy anything else!"

"Best money I have spent for a long time. Thank you"

"Wish I had known about Tuffies along time ago"

"These beds have outlived anything we have had before. Two farm dogs - lots of mud - great!!!"

"Spot on dog beds"

"I have recommended Tuffies to all my friends as I have bought two off you for my GS dogs"

"A great product. Well pleased"

"The new Fluffie Tuffie cover has been very popular with my aged Border Terriers whereas my two GSDs love the cover off their beds. Well done and thank you"

"Four dogs from G Shepherd, Retriever, Deerhound to Schnauzer, all love them. Despite being chewed by G Shepherd the Tuffie survived with a bit of stitching"

"Great, tough product even withstands three dogs fighting to get on"

"Just wish I had heard of Tuffies years ago!!"

"A brilliant dog bed. Expensive to buy, but has lasted four years with no problem. I expect it will last many more years to come"

"Every dog should have one"

"Best bed my dog has ever had"

"Very helpful when I ordered my bed"

"Fab product - we love Tuffies - I give all my dog clients your web address"

“Excellent service, excellent bed, what more can I say”

“We had to buy duvets for the dog, but they became disgusting and unsightly very quickly. The Tuffie stays nice and we can keep it fresh and clean.”

“Will not buy any other type of bed other than Tuffies. Will always recommend and have done so to friends and relatives.”

“Our dog loves her Tuffie”

“My dog is a working dog and it’s the best bed for wear and tear and easy washing. Have recommended them to all my friends.”

“Very durable dog bed. They both love it”

“Continue the good work”

“Very helpful and knowledgeable. A good service and very good beds.”

“Great product! Rags and Jagg are very happy”.

“Dog torn it to bits. All the stuffing came out.”

“Max and Finn love their Tuffies. Also fits well in the truck”

“My dog would love doughnut shaped one. I always recommend them to my friends”.

“Lucy had a litter of 10 puppies and they all used the Tuffie and had to wash and wash. I was prepared to buy another one, but it always washed up like new. Very, very, very pleased. She is expecting another litter soon and we are keeping a pup so will need another one soon”

“We always put a blanket on top of the Tuffie and Poppy nearly always chucks it out, so she must be very comfy”.

“Thanks for producing such a good and durable dog bed”.

“Even though it is two years ago, the personal service has left a very good impression.”

“Tuffies is the best dog bed ever”.

“You made me a Tuffie custom size – brilliant!!”

“The only bed Oscar hasn’t shagged to death”.

“The bed brushes so easily. Washing is only required when he is very muddy”.

“Only item not destroyed by female Dalmation”.

“Even I found the Tuffie comfortable while waiting for my bitch to give birth”

“No flees now”

“Loves it”

“Both our dogs use the Tuffie we bought for our 5year old spaniel”

“Very much so. An excellent bed”

“I have to tip him out of his bed”

“I very rarely wash it. The dried mud just brushes off.”

“Following major operation on one dog the Tuffie has been invaluable for total bed rest during recuperation”.

“Especially good for the dogs to lie on on the patio”


Also, we get lots of comments, which we will start quoting here:

Hi Luise,
Thank you for your reply.
The Tuffy we ordered arrived yesterday and we are as delighted with it as the 1st one we bought some years ago (which is still in very good condition and has been a joy to own!)

Thanks Luise.


The bed arrived yesterday afternoon and is great – really sturdy and perfect fit for the space it was to go in.  Herbie loves it and you can tell it isn’t going to go all flat after a few months.


Kind regards


Hello to all at Tuffies   Just to let you know that our dog's made-to-measure bed arrived safely on Tuesday.  We are very pleased with the quality and comfort of the bed and more importantly our dog loves it too!   Kind regards   Sue

Hi   Just to let you know Boo our GWP absolutely loves her new Tuffies Nest bed - it arrived this morning and she's been in it ever since - only got up once for a pee.  It's amazing as she never really settled anywhere like this before.  She's not even tried the other bed yet.   Thank you so much - the best bed we have ever had and believe me we have tried lots!   Kind regards   Berni

Hi Luise,
Thank you for your reply.
The Tuffy we ordered arrived yesterday and we are as delighted with it as the 1st one we bought some years ago (which is still in very good condition and has been a joy to own!)


Just to say a HUGE thankyou for our tuffies..Harry thinks Christmas has arrived again, and is loving his big tuffie fluffie cover. We hope you have managed to catch up after the snow and we will be in touch for extra covers soon many, many thanks Jayne (and Harry..x)


Just wanted to let you know. This is the best dog bed I have ever bought!!( and I've purchased a few!!)   Regards ,   Helen 

Hi there,   Just a quick email to thank your team for getting our dog bed out to us in record time. I really appreciate you pulling out all stops so we had it for this bank holiday for our caravan trip. It is a perfect fit for the rattan bed and looks great.   Kind Regards   Mrs Barker

Dear All

Just had to write to thank you for the delivery of my second Really Tough Tuffie this week. I have had the first for approx 5 months and it was so great that I just had to buy another. My labrador puppy had managed to destroy all other beds that we had purchased from other companies. Despite her putting the Really Tough Tuffie through rigorous testing, I am pleased to say that it still looks like new. So that the other dogs now have somewhere to sit (as she now considers that this is her bed) I am happy to have been able to get another from yourselves. If you ever need anything testing for indistructability you can certainly come to me as this is the most destructive dog that I have ever owned. I look forward to many years of use

Sue Russell

Hi Suzanne,
The new puppy has settled in really well. (I put it down to the comfortable bed.) Seroiusly, we had vet bed fleece in my other dog's cage when we brought her home and I think it rattled about and it wasn't snug, certainly not as snug as vet bed fleece over a beautiful tuffies bed! So I've had two good night's sleep and the puppy (Flora) wakes refreshed and ready to go to the toilet, so many, many thanks.
It goes without saying that your products get the highest of praise from me.
Kind regards,

Dear Tuffies

One large Tuffie nest arrived earlier this month for my golden who spends a lot of time in the car and really feels the cold. The nest is fantastic – no more worrying about him being cold, or his bed getting wet & muddy. And as you can see from the pictures- my golden is in heaven!!  I wish I had discovered Tuffies years ago!

Thank you for a 1st class product


Hello,   Just wanted to say a big thank you! The Tuffie I have received This Morning Is Marvellous, This is the best dog bed i have ever seen, I am so pleased. I Will Now Have To Buy Another one For My other dog. I Cant Praise you highly enough. I will be making sure all my friends and family know about your dog beds!   Many Thanks,   Sarah

Our Tuffie bed + fleecy covers has arrived safely much to the delight of my two Deerhounds who now have a Tuffie each. The first one I puchased about a year ago and it is still like brand new despite being in constant use....Deerhounds can be very lazy !!! I always recommend Tuffies to all my doggie friends. These lovely beds not only provide great comfort but because of the high quality, they offer great support to these large hounds long limbs,neck and spine.The whole body is evenly supported during sleep. Many thanks and best wishes for Christmas and the new year. Chris