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  • The Glorious Grouse Pairs Counting.

    Such beautiful weather!!! This is the time of year where the grouse moor 'keepers want to know what the breeding potential is, in other words how many grouse are planning on a family on each moor. It is an ideal time to ..
  • Gollum’s Lightbulb moment

    After the many grouse days on the moor, where Gollum did so well, I was confident that he would change seamlessly to hunt and point pheasant, snipe and woodcock. However, he misses half his pheasants and in my snipe bog,..
  • The grouse season this year

    It is with some apprehension that I write about the last three weeks of grouse hunting on the Scottish moors because it is, of course, not everyone's cup of tea. However, if I start by addressing some of the right reason..
  • Life has started again.

    At long last it is time to get back out with the pointers, forgetting about dog beds and chewproof dog beds or the otherwise, lovely, Tuffies in general. This is the time of year where we can start counting grouse broods..