Working Pointers in the Scottish Highlands

  • Pontus and Grouse Brood Counting

    This is now the season where we venture out to see how the grouse has bred over the summer. Unfortunately it has not been great here in Scotland 2017, so this year it is a real treat to be able to hunt the grouse on 12th..
  • “Walkies” can be made in to nice training.

    It's nice to train the young dog and the result is best if you integrate it in to a walk so that you move in various areas as much as possible. I take two small dummies with me as they fit into a jacket pocket. To tra..
  • Training is good fun

    It doesn't have to be a chore to train the dogs in preparation for the season. It is ALMOST time to get on the moor to count the grouse broods, but the retrieving training is still going on without disturbing ground nest..
  • The “R” in “HPR”

    Pointers and Setters only need to hunt and point. Labradors only need to hunt a bit, but mainly just retrieve. HPRs, such as German (Short-, Wire- or Long Haired) pointers, Vizlas, Munsterlanders, Brittanies etc need to ..