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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Eight weeks and off to new homes.

    Having dreaded the departure for weeks, it is actually not too bad. I have managed not to cry so far. During the last week it has become clear to me that the pups need more than what I can give them and they need more sp..
  • Pups at Seven Weeks Old. Eating us out of the House.

    I have it sorted: First thing in the morning I chuck chicken thighs in their whelping box to keep them in there and NOT on the wet and poohy newspaper in the pen. While they devour the chicken I can clean the pen and put..
  • They are just little wolves

    The whole process of these pups follow a set path determined in the distant past amongst the wolf ancestors to the dogs. Gaia's handling of the new pups, her gradual distancing from them, her weaning where she still give..
  • Pups are now six weeks old.

    The pooh is on a biblical scale. I should really look back at the CCTV footage of the pups' room to have a laugh about my frantic morning. I chuck chicken bones or pieces of tripe in to the whelping box really quickly to..