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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Gaia is Settling in as Mum

    Yesterday, at three days old, I decided to make portraits of them all. Here we go: ..
  • All Born and Everyone well.

    Saturday 28th May 2016: I spent the night with a restless Gaia, but no digging and no pups. Got up just after 5am as she seemed to be changing her behaviour and Pontus was born at 7.05. She was insisting on staying in..
  • Gaia is due to Give Birth Today…

    Gaia should be ready for birth today, but no signs yet.During the last three nights I have abandoned my husband and slept in a spare bed with Gaia by my side (well, uhm, yes, ON my bed). It would be too risky to leave he..
  • Gaia has just two days to go.

    According to my calculations Gaia should be due having puppies TOMORROW. She is big, but not enormous.We are getting ready with the whelping box and the Bespoke Dog Bed to cover the base. I have made new pig rails and co..