How to wash your Raised Tuffies Bed

The Raised Tuffie bed is mainly designed to be used with the fitted liner from Tuffies.
1) Un-do the clips under the bed at the front.

Seen from the inside:

Seen from the outside:

2) Lift the liner off the three hooks (one on each side and one at the back) and take the liner off. The drawstring can be losened to ease this process.

Drawstring holds the liner in place with hooks:

3) Wash the liner in the washing machine at 40 degrees and air-dry. Or tumble dry on a cool setting.

4) Use soap and water to wash the plastic part of the Raised Tuffie Bed.

5) Rinse and dry the plastic bed.

6) Reassemble the liner and fit on to plastic bed.

7) Add dog.