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Dog Mattress beds and covers Tuffies dog beds

Dog Mattress beds and covers


The reason for Tuffies' fame stems from the first mattress dog beds we ever made, right back at the beginning in year 2000. We fitted our dog beds, right from the start, with a thick, hollow fibre futon mattress that keeps its shape for years and years providing beautiful comfort for any type and size of dog.

Tuffies supply the mattress dog beds, including XXL dog mattress bed sizes, with two basic ranges of waterproof covers, a smooth, easy to surface-clean Wipe Clean dog bed and a super durable, yet softer to the touch, Durasoft texturised Nylon fabric type. See the fabric differences here.

To keep your XXL dog matress bed dry and free from smell, your best option is to use a truly waterproof dog bed made from top quality materials. This means that any dampness from the dog's coat is prevented from seeping into the stuffing where smells start to fester. Most dogs enjoy walks in wet weather and if there is a muddy puddle to play in on hot days, they gladly take advantage of this, leaving you to worry about the dog bed when Fido goes on it to dry out at home. There are two options when it comes to cleaning waterproof dog beds. If you have a wipeable dog bed with a smooth surface you don't have to move it outside for cleaning, you can simply spray the affected areas with a surface cleaner and wipe it down. For the occasional major cleaning, you can take it outside and give it a good wash down with hot, soapy water and rinse off. These smooth waterproof dog beds can be towelled dry and used straight away. If you prefer a nice waterproof fabric dog bed you can look for ones where a strong, manmade canvas has a waterproof coating on the reverse of the fabric. This means the dog bed feels nice, but still stops any dampness getting into the mattress inside. To wash these waterproof fabric dog beds, you need to take the whole bed outside and scrub it down with hot, soapy water and rinse off. Leave the bed to air dry. If your dog likes chewing the zippers off his dog beds, the Tuffies XXL dog mattress beds and other mattress beds are a great help as there are no temptations like that. The XXL dog mattress beds as well as smaller sizes are each a sealed unit without zippers, poppers or velcro getting full of dog hair. When you hose the bed down, take a little care not to direct the washer on the seams and do not submerge the beds.

If you like the system of a waterproof mattress dog bed as a base with a removable, machine washable cover, you can always add to the Tuffies dog beds by choosing one of our beautiful bed cover designs to go over mattress beds. This creates a luxurious dog bed where you have a wide range of designs to suit your home.

The most popular of Tuffies bed covers is the Luxury fleece dog bed cover. This comes in twelve different designs from plain, contemporary grey to very colourful designs with all variations that may be the most suitable (also for your dog's hairs to show the least).

A similar cover is our Fluffie Tuffie cover, which is very thick like "Pet bedding". If you have a digging dog, this will be the most durable option.

We do supply a cheap, budget version in our Light Fleece cover, but please be aware that this is only a cheap option and any rough dog with digging habits will soon make this threadbare. That's the honest truth.

If you need light covers for hot summers, we supply very light twill cotton covers with absolutely no pile. They are cool dog beds for summer use and they are quick and easy to wash.

Another smooth cover option that is brilliantly easy to wash and dry is our Highland Covers. We offer four amazing designs.

Some dogs love to be covered up when they sleep, especially at night when the house chills down and there might be a little bit of a draught at floor level. Tuffies supply a tunnel type cover for the waterproof dog beds. You slip the tunnel cover over the bed and your dog then has a thick mattress to insulate him from the cold floor and a tunnel to climb into - on top. This is much better if your dog likes to be covered with a blanket because the tunnel can't fall off. Dogs can easily learn to climb into a tunnel, but they are not good at pulling a blanket back over themselves if it falls off. The tunnel cover is very popular with burrowing dogs.

You can use a good cover to dry a wet and muddy dog by using the dog drying dog bed cover. This cover is a three-dimensional cover with thousands of little absorbent "noodles" that simply mop up all dampness from the dog's coat while he rests on the bed. This cover goes in the washing machine and comes out nice and fresh.

Similarly and in the same theme as the dog drying cover you could choose our wicking covers in order to make a wet dog more comfortable on the way home from a delightful, muddy walk. This dog bed cover is a spacer fabric helping the dog feel "high and dry" on its dog bed as he has a little ventilation under him. Also fantastic for his bed in the boot room or in an outdoors kennel.


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