Working Pointers in the Scottish Highlands

  • Goodbye and Hello to Dogs

    A team of working dogs is like a tool box that you happen to love. A living and loving tool box. They are all like much loved family members, but there is also a constant calculation of their ages and abilities going on..
  • HPR Puppy Training so Far.

    Hunt, point and retrieving pointers have to learn everything: The have to quarter the ground scenting to find game we can't see and they have to point it till they are told to flush. After a successful shot they have t..
  • Puppy on Boating Trip

    So the new recruit, Smeagol, my Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla is a little gem. She takes most things in her stride and water is definitely not an issue. She swam out for dummies at 4.5 months old and never hesitates on th..
  • The latest addition

    As the youngest pointer, Pontus, in my little pack turned 6 years old, I suddenly realised that I was getting a bit late in adding a new puppy. Pontus is a big, strong dog in his prime and he can comfortably do a day on..