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Puppy Dog Bed.  on Tuffies

Puppy Dog Bed. Tuffies dog beds

Puppy Dog Bed.


The clever solution to your fast-growing puppy: The Puppy Tuffie/ Travel Tuffie is an outstanding solution for giving your little puppy a comfortable bed and at the same time have a dog travel bed from the UK ready for the grown up dog. Nothing gets wasted with this brilliant dog bed solution from Tuffies.

What kind of dog bed should you start off with when you first get your young puppy home? It is very common to start puppy off in a training crate to make house training a success and to teach puppy to be home alone from time to time. With a little puppy bed that folds in to a double layer bed, you create a bed that can squash in to a crate and give puppy a deep, cosy and secure feeling where he sleeps. If he has a little accident, it is easily dealt with because this little dog bed actually consists of a thin, totally waterproof mat with a removable, machine washable cover so you simply take the cover off for washing and you can scrub and hose down the inner mat. A little puppy will appreciate the softness and he is still so young and light that he does not yet need real support compared to when he is an adult.

As he grows older fast, he will hopefully grow out of his cage and out of his puppy bed. At this point it is time to give him a thick, supportive dog bed from Tuffies. You could get him either a mattress bed or a nest bed, but you have a great dog travel bed from the UK ready when he has out-grown the folded over size. The puppy bed folds open and with its waterproof, thin mat in the middle and the removable cover, it is perfect for two purposes: As a travel bed in the boot of the car where it will give him a little bit of comfort and protect the base of the car after his muddy walks. This bed will take up only a minimum of space in the boot, which is handy for all the other stuff you might be carrying. The other great purpose is as a dog travel bed from the UK when you go visiting friends. If you have invested in a top quality large dog bed from Tuffies, you might prefer to leave that one at home and just bring your dog’s travel Tuffie. It is easier to lift in from the car and to place in a little space, wherever you are happy to put your dog in the house you are visiting. Dogs like to bring their own dog bed when they are in a strange house. They don’t really know what is happening and why they are in someone else’s house. While you are there it is all good, but if you have to go out for just a short time, your dog will be much happier if he has his own bed, smelling of home to lie on while you are away.

The Puppy Tuffie / Travel Tuffie comes in two sizes and you can choose a fleece design from our range. The fleece cover is made from our Tuffies Luxury Fleece, especially designed for Tuffies with extra thickness and density.


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