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Mini Wolf Den - Dog Beds Small Breeds.   on Tuffies

Mini Wolf Den - Dog Beds Small Breeds. Tuffies dog beds

Mini Wolf Den - Dog Beds Small Breeds.

MINI WOLF DEN – Dog Beds Small Breeds

Here at Tuffies we see dogs for what they are. They are firstly man’s best friend and they are also dogs. However much we love our dogs, they are dogs and not babies or teddy bears! This is a little easier to recognize when you deal with a large dog, but it IS still equally the case when you deal with a Chihuahua. So here at Tuffies we do NOT make hand bags to put dogs in. We make dog beds for small breeds as well as our large beds and we make them so they suit the breed of dog.

Where should a toy dog sleep? Small dogs are, like most dogs, actually quite happy on a simple bed, but with the large breeds we have to remember that if we look after their heavy bodies, their joints and their elbows by providing them with a top quality heavy and thick dog bed, they will last much longer as happy, active dogs, whereas small toy dogs are so light that we don’t need to give them the same, heavy bedding. Small dogs are just as much related to the wolf as our large dogs and we should keep them and respect them as that. When you want to give a small breed of dog a perfect dog bed, you should keep one important thing in mind: A small dog has a much larger surface to volume ratio and will suffer the cold sooner than a large dog. Therefore he should be provided with a dog bed where he can regulate how much warmth he seeks by having the option of being covered up or getting out in the open. When he is covered up, he should be able to be seriously warm and draught free. Small dogs are just as intelligent as large dogs and they will soon be able to learn how to get in and out of a Mini Wolf Den provided by Tuffies. These dog beds for small breeds are made from only the top quality luxurious materials: A 100% tweed from Abraham Moon on the outside and on the inside they are all lined with faux fur of the highest spec as it is used in the fashion industry. The faux fur is the same as you would see on the cat walks adorning coats in full length or as large collars.

This little piece of extravagant luxury for your small dog is the perfect compromise between over-doing the humanisation of dogs and treating the little kind of dog to a truly cosy den for sleeping. They are great little dog beds for small breeds to have sitting in the sofa or beside your bed at night. If you have your dog of a small breed on the floor at night, this is extra security for you that he will not suffer on the cold floor.

The Mini Wolf Den consists of two parts: the larger part that has a base and a “tube” of faux fur lined tweed. The other part is a small faux fur pad in the bottom of the “tube”. The tube is the clever bit of this luxurious dog bed for small breeds as it can be folded down like a doughnut bed for day time, but at night it can be extended to give the small toy dog the option of being completely under the cover or to lie partially covered. The miniature dog can decide where to sleep at any time.

The Mini Wolf Den should be dry cleaned only. Or you can give it a gentle wool hand-wash and brush it up when dry.

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