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Unchewable Dog Beds.   on Tuffies

Unchewable Dog Beds. Tuffies dog beds

Unchewable Dog Beds.


Tuffies offer the ONLY guaranteed chew-proof dog bed that has full insulation under your dog and a small draught excluding surround for him or her to lean on. A truly outstanding product that solves a common problem for dog owners.  A comfortable dog bed which is totally safe from being chewed up.

The Really Tough Tuffie

If you are looking for a bed that your puppy or dog cannot chew a hole in and destroy, the Really Tough Tuffie is it!  Many puppies will have a go at chewing their dog beds, but most dogs will grow out of this and be happy on any durable and strong dog bed for life. But there are the odd ones that establish a lifelong habit of nibbling on their dog beds or they down-right chomp the beds to pieces. Sometimes this is an anxiety problem or boredom problem and it only happens when the dog is home alone or out in the kennel, but owners of these dogs may be reluctant to waste money on beds that are being destroyed within days and they look around for indestructible dog beds combined with dog comfort.


You can get other non-chewable dog bed in many sort of shapes, but so far it is only the Really Tough Tuffie that come with a  guarantee of its chew proofness.  For the guarantee to be valid you just need to make sure that you choose the correct size of Really Tough Tuffie for your dog.

Be vigilant if your dog digs

The Really Tough Tuffie is a totally chew-proof dog bed, however, please remember that chew-proof does not make it dig-proof.  If your dog digs, then the fabric in the middle may start to become worn.  In this case, you have the option to simply replace the inner, which you can source at Tuffies.  However, please be aware that dogs can get seriously sick if they eat their dog bedding. Dogs that ingest fabric, wadding or sewing thread are in danger of blockage of the stomach or intestines.  So please be vigilant if your dog is at risk of this.

Lasting for generations

The Really Tough Tuffie can be dismantled for deep cleaning and for replacement of the inners. With this non-chewable dog bed you can have the same bed for several dog generations, one chewing puppy after the other, and you can freshen it up every now and then by replacing the wadding and/or the top cover that the dog lies on.

Boarding kennels

It’s the toughness that makes this a popular dog bed for boarding kennels as they often look after dogs that only chew their beds when they are a bit stressed and away from home. The super hygienic properties of this non-chewable dog bed makes it an ideal dog bed for dog training homes and boarding kennels.


To clean the Really Tough Tuffie, simply lean it against a wall or fence and scrub it down with hot, soapy water followed by a good rinse and dry. You can see the process illustrated here.

Any questions? Just give our team a ring on 01888 563 288 and will be delighted to discuss and advise you.

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