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Raised Dog Bed and Spare Liners.   on Tuffies

Raised Dog Bed and Spare Liners. Tuffies dog beds

Raised Dog Bed and Spare Liners.


A great design and innovation from Tuffies. The large Raised Dog Bed is unique to Tuffies and constantly increasing in popularity.

The ultimate in easy cleaning combined with uncompromising dog comfort. The plastic bed is raised 15cm off the ground providing perfect insulation from any cold floors and with sides providing perfect draught exclusion. The liner gives soft warmth and goes in the washing machine.

The Tuffies Small and Large Raised Dog Bed are like nothing else you will find in dog comfort, hygiene and practicality, and with Tuffies' diverse range of fabric designs you can always find a style to suit you.

If your dog, like most dogs, likes to be off the cold floor, you can either give him a dog bed with a very thick base such as a Tuffies' Mattress Dog Beds or Tuffies' Nest Dog Beds, with the substantial, 12cm thick futon mattress to insulate from even the coldest floors. However, you have another option such as a large Raised Dog Bed with draught excluding sides. This dog bed consists of a moulded plastic base, which forms a volume of still air between the floor and the bedding area. As still air is the best form of insulation this is the secret to provide insulation without the dog bed being too heavy. The plastic part forms the shape of this large raised dog bed and comes with a liner made from Tuffies' famous thick luxury fleece. Dogs love to be a bit higher up than just at the basic floor level. They enjoy having a cosy place to rest while still being able to follow what is going on around them. Most dogs will spend a substantial amount of time in their dog bed, but they don't always sleep, so they like to have this place as a grandstand for their observations. Having the rigid, yet padded, sides is every dog's dream as they use this for a head-rest while watching the world. Dogs hate to miss out on family activities and they worry that they might be left behind when an outing happens (they don't know that you always remember to take them on those walks, they think that they have to make themselves known when a walk is about to happen). From their large raised dog bed, they feel they can spot any great activities they should not miss out on (sniffing round the dishwasher would be one NOT to miss out on.......)

To keep a dog bed as clean and hygienic as possible, easy washing is essential for muddy dogs and in particular dogs with allergies. Washing big, heavy dog beds frequently (maybe every week) can be a chore, but with the right combination of a smooth plastic base and a machine washable fleece liner, this becomes an absolute doddle. The fleece liner in the large raised Tuffies dog bed is attached securely with two clips and four hooks. There is a drawstring around the liner that attaches discretely at the front and hooks on right round the sides, being pulled tight at the back. Most dogs have a little dig before they lie down and with this secure clip-and-hook system, the liner does not move out of place by digging, yet it only takes ten seconds to undo when you want to take it off to wash. See our demonstrations here. The liner has an extra inner padding that you can remove before washing. You can either wash the padding separate, which makes both the cleaning and drying more efficient, or you can leave the padding out when washing most of the time.

The plastic part of the large raised dog bed can be washed very quickly and easily with a sponge and soapy water and rinsed. Wipe over with a towel to dry and it is completely clean. If you have a dog with a dust mite allergy, this is the best solution for keeping everything totally dust free. Any problems with fleas in dogs are also overcome in an easy and practical way without the use of chemicals. Frequent washing is the best way to prevent bad reactions in terms of fleas or allergies. The large raised dog bed comes with a liner, but Tuffies also supply spare liners so that you can have one for washing and one for use if you are going to wash often. The many beautiful liner designs give you a great choice.

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