Nest dog beds and covers on Tuffies

Nest dog beds and covers Tuffies dog beds

Nest dog beds and covers


The range of Tuffie Nest Dog Beds and accessories are fabulously popular. The beautiful testimonials that we constantly receive speak for themselves in pictures and text.

Tuffies offer two lines of waterproof, extremely comfortable and durable nesting dog beds. The Tuffies nests have high sides for your dog to rest his head on and they will stay that way for years without flattening down.

There are lots of reasons for choosing a nest dog bed for your dog. Some people simply like to "contain" the dog with most of the dog hairs in a cosy basket nesting dog bed that is easy to vacuum out and keep clean. It would be good if you decided firstly whether you like a pristine dog bed at all times or a more cosy one. To have a pristine and clean dog bed you should go for the Wipe Clean type because any grease, slobber or dog hair is extraordinarily easy to remove with a damp cloth. If you prefer the ultimate in durability and, at the same time, a more fabric type finish, then go for the Durasoft fabric. The two types are both 100% waterproof and the fabrics are explained here.

There is a clear benefit from having a dog bed with sides if you are looking for a place to put your dog in a draughty house. This can be a real issue in older houses or in the winter when your central heating is off during the night. Without a den type nesting dog bed, some dogs with a fine coat (Whippets, Vizslas and Jack Russells) will feel the cold at floor level during the night if they don't have a dog bed with sides on.

If you have an old, cold house and a particularly shivery dog, Tuffies supply an amazing Nest dog bed sock to go over your nesting dog bed. We are often told: "My dog loves being covered at night", but the problem with a blanket is that dogs can't really organise something complicated like pulling a blanket back over themselves if it has come off. That is why our sock creates a great dog bed den that your dog can crawl in under to feel cosy and warm, it is like a dog bed with a roof. No matter how much he moves and tumbles in his dog den, the sock stays in place and gives him cover and warmth all night. This is also how to provide some privacy for your dog as he may sometimes wish to curl up away from a busy household.

All our dog beds are made using top quality waterproof dog bed material and you can wash them down very easily. The nesting dog beds come with a removable cover on the cushion and you can simply take the cushion out, put the cover in the washing machine and perhaps hose down the cushion. However, if you are looking for a dog bed with full, removable and machine washable covers you can simply add the full nest cover to your nesting dog bed. This removable dog bed cover goes over the sides and under the cushion, which helps it stay in place. To clean this cosy dog bed, you just take the cushion out and wash as above, remove the full nest cover and put it all in the washing machine. You might like a dog bed with machine washable covers in the winter only and with the Tuffies Nest Dog Bed you have the option of removing the covers when it starts getting warm in the summer. We also provide spare nesting dog bed cushion fleeces to replace or to provide more comfort. Dogs like Labradors will be very happy dogs in a cosy bed in winter, but if you asked your Labrador, he or she might say that they would prefer the waterproof nest on its own during the hot summer.

For covers with ultimate style and easy cleaning you could take a look at the Highland Nest Dog Bed Covers as these are sets of matching side and cushion covers in very stylish, thick polyester covers.

If you have a dog that likes a really cosy nest bed all year round, you might like the fleece lined nest dog bed supplied by Tuffies. The cushion comes with the usual fleece lining built in to this bed, so you just take the cover off for washing, but you will have to wash the entire bed when you want to clean the sides. For small and medium beds this is ok in a domestic washing machine, but for the large, you would probably have to take this really cosy dog basket to a laundrette.


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