Everything you need to know about Tuffies Dog Beds

Are Tuffie dog beds chew proof?

Nobody has yet made a truly chew-proof fabric. We are very vigilant and source our fabrics with great care, making sure that they are extremely durable and totally waterproof and we always have an eye open in case the magic, chew proof fabric should be invented by someone out there. So far none has. Currently, no matter what fabric you present to a dog that decides to have a chew, it could take just 10 minutes for the dog to make a hole. We prefer to be up front and honest so that our customers don't get disappointed. However, as far as tough and chew resistant fabrics go, the Durasoft fabric, which we use for both mattress beds and nests is among the absolute toughest fabrics available in the world. Many of our customers claim that the Tuffie Durasoft Mattress bed is the ONLY dog bed that their dog has ever had without chewing it to pieces.

So due to the obvious need for something warm and supportive for chewing dogs to sleep on, we invented the Really Tough Tuffie,

THE GUARANTEED CHEW PROOF dog bed. We have invented an ingenious way of giving chewing dogs a warm bed. This is the only warm, padded and chew proof bed on the market, so please have a look for The REALLY TOUGH TUFFIE in our shop. It is full of soft hollow fibre stuffing with a fabric cover, but due to the design, the dog cannot get hold of anything to chew.


What is inside the Mattress beds?

A futon mattress: One of the most important features of the Tuffie beds is our futon mattresses. We do not just blow loose filling into bags and call them dog beds!! Instead, we meticulously create a real futon mattress for each dog bed and make sure they fit the dog bed covers perfectly. This means that the Tuffies dog beds stay thick and insulating, nothing inside moves and you won't see thin areas and lumps other areas. Just like your own bed mattress, the Tuffies dog beds are firm and supportive without being awkward and difficult to move on.


Is the Wipe Clean fabric not quite slidy?

We use two types of fabric, the Wipe Clean and the Durasoft. The Wipe Clean is very smooth, which is why you can use a cloth and your normal household surface cleaner to do a quick clean. The fabric for these dog beds feel like a waxed jacket and it has that little bit of grip, so it would not feel slidy at all. As your dog uses the Wipe Clean bed, the fabric becomes more soft and will feel more like a soft leather.

The Durasoft fabric is a texturised Nylon, which means that it is extremely tough and it has a definite, soft feel to it. The Durasoft dog beds feel like a top quality upholstery fabric. The beauty is that it feels beautifully soft while at the same time it is tough and totally waterproof.

Does the dog not sweat on a waterproof fabric?

Dogs do not sweat through the skin like we do. They pant and get sweaty paws. Dogs just need a no-nonsense bed that is never soggy, clammy or smelly. Our waterproof, easy to clean dog beds will be comfortable and supportive for any dog with an absolute minimum of smell.

Are there any zips or Velcro?

The Tuffie dog beds are all made as ONE unit that you can't open. In our attempt to make a dog bed less tempting for chewing dogs, the zip was the first thing to eliminate. When you want to hose it down, you just do so with the stuffing still in. Obviously we also supply soft covers that can be used with the waterproof dog beds and they are usually closed with poppers. If you have a chewing dog it is not the best idea to have the soft covers with the tough beds, but you can easily use the waterproof dog beds on their own.

Will the Tuffie go lumpy inside?

No. The inside is a futon-type mattress totally protected by the outer, waterproof cover. As it never gets wet or machine washed, it keeps its shape and lasts longer.

Do the covers shed fluff?

NOT with normal use, but digging is hard on a bed and some fluff will come off when the hard dog nails scratch across it. We took this cover back from a customer, who said the cover was shedding fluff everywhere. It was easy to see the area of digging:


We cut out an A4 size piece from both the area of normal use and the area of digging. They are here:



We weighed these two pieces. They were 41grams and 35grams. The dog had managed to dig away 17% of the pile. The normal, new weight is 41grams.

So, yes the fluff can come off, but with normal use nothing comes off.