How to wash your Tuffies Nest Bed

Use really hot tap water (or even boil the kettle) and put a drop of “Techwash” from Nikwax (or similar type of liquid soap) into a jug. Pour the hot water in to dilute well. Then, with thick rubber gloves, so you don’t burn your hands, use a sponge to wash the bed all over. Try to be very gentle around the seams as they are less waterproof. Work the soapy solution well into the fabric, concentrating on the most soiled areas.

Once you have worked the soap well in all over all the surfaces of the bed, you can hose it all down. Again, be a little gentle and avoid pointing the hose directly on to the seams:

Wash the nest cushion in the same way as the surround and leave both to air dry well.

When it is all dry, fit the fleece onto the cushion.

Finally remember to assemble the nest so that the Tuffies-label corresponds to the MIDDLE of the LONG side of the oval cushion as shown in the picture.