The Raised Tuffies Dog Bed reviews

The Raised Tuffies Dog Bed

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THE RAISED TUFFIE BED COMPLETE WITH SOFT, MACHINE WASHABLE LINER. This is the best of the best: Scrumptious, warm fleece liner that can be machine washed for total cleanliness fitted in a raised bed with high sides for draught exclusion. Dogs LOVE resting their heads on the sides. The liner sits firmly in the bed (fastened by five anchor points) all the time, but it only takes 10 seconds to undo it for washing. This bed is ideal for keeping everything absolutely clean and fresh with a minimum of effort, yet still give your dog a soft, warm place to sleep at all times. THE PLASTIC PART: Made from strong (partly recycled) plastic forming a raised dog bed with tall sides for excellent draught exclusion. The bed is double skinned leaving still air for insulation right round the dog and underneath towards the floor. This is a stylish dog bed providing the attractive, high “sofa effect” that most dogs like. Most dogs love being up where they are more in amongst the family and where they have a better view of what is going on, not to mention the insulation from even the coldest of concrete floors. THE LINER PART: This bed comes fitted with the liner and you can also purchase spare liners if you desire: here: The liner has a gap in the base where we have inserted a pad made from two layers of vet-bedding style fabric. This gives your dog a padded base of four layers of soft, warm luxury. The gap is kept open to allow you to add even more padding if you wish. No matter how much your dog is digging and moving around, the liner stays in place as it is fixed with hooks in five positions. You will never experience the liner falling on the floor or looking out of place. Further more, this liner is simple to take off in seconds and it washes super well in the machine ready, after a short drying time, to put back with the simple attachments. The Raised Tuffie bed is also excellent for the outdoors, for example in the garden, in the open part of the kennel or on the patio, where your dog can enjoy the sun lying in a warm, draught excluding position where no sneaking cold from the ground will affect him. CLEANING: It takes seconds to get the liner off for machine washing. Wash at 40 degrees and tumble on cool. The smooth plastic is perfect for keeping totally clean and hygienic, which is done with hot soapy water and a quick rinse off with the hose. Details can be seen here:

CHEW-PROOF? This is NOT our chew proof dog bed. The plastic is hard and durable, but the shape is not designed to be chew-proof. Please, for chewing dogs, look at The Really Tough Tuffie here.



SIZING:  The Medium Raised Tuffie Bed lifts the dog 12cm off the floor with a further 19cm tall sides around him. This bed is ideal for dogs up to 15Kgs. Inside dimensions: 67 x 48cm. The Medium Raised Bed Weighs approx 4.5kg including the Liner. The Large Raised Tuffie Bed lifts the dog 13cm off the floor with a further 19cm tall sides round him. This bed is suitable for dogs between 15 and 35Kgs. Inside dimensions: 84 x 60cm. The Large Raised Bed weighs approx 6.2kg including the Liner.



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Tuffies dog beds can not take any responsibility for harm caused by dogs or any other animal chewing and/or ingesting any of our products. We do not claim our products to be chewproof or indestructible although they are durable and tough.

  • Our Waterproof Fabrics

    We offer two lines of waterproof fabrics, each with unique performance.

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  • Easy Cleaning

    Our two waterproof fabrics perform differently during washing and drying.

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  • Our Futon Mattress

    Our futon mattresses form the durable, supportive base of all our Tuffies beds.

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  • Our Soft, Optional Covers

    For all our dog bed models there are options for adding soft, machine washable covers.

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Our Waterproof Fabrics

DURASOFT: Our Durasoft waterproof dog bed fabric is a 1000 Denier texturised Nylon, which is the STRONGEST fabric on the market (beware of cheap polyesters looking 'strong'). We have our fabrics coated to Tuffies' specifications with an extra heavy duty polyurithane waterproofing on the reverse side of the fabric as this provides a long lasting, flexible waterproofing. This fabric will stand up to a huge amount of digging a clawing. The advantage of Durasoft is that it feels like a lovely upholstery fabric, but it is super strong and waterproof. Perfect for the world's best dog beds. While NOTHING is chew-proof, the Durasoft is the toughest you will get and for digging dogs, this is great. For dogs that chew, please see our shop.

Easy Cleaning

Both fabrics, Durasoft and Wipe Clean can be scrubbed down with hot, soapy water and rinsed off. The water will make the Durasoft surface wet, while the water will form droplets on top of the Wipe Clean fabric. After washing, the Durasoft needs to dry off the surface for about an hour on a sunny day while you can towel dry the Wipe Clean Tuffies dog bed.  

Our Futon Mattress

We take great care making a futon mattress for the inside of all our Tuffies dog beds. No crumbling foam, no fluffy beds that collapse. We make a comfortable, insulating and supportive futon mattress that keeps its thick shape. We took the liberty to compare our Tuffies dog bed futons with conventional dog beds from a pet shop. The first thing you notice is that the Tuffie bed weighs twice as much as the petshop bed. When you open up the two, the difference is huge. The Tuffies futon mattress is packed carefully in rows as the filling is secured and won't go flat or lumpy. The petshop bed simply has loose filling blown in. This will reduce in a short time as it collapses and migrates out in to the corner of the bed.

Our Soft, Optional Covers

Our waterproof dog beds can be used just as they are, but if it suits you and your dog, we also supply optional covers to fit over the waterproof beds. Our most popular type is our Luxury Fleece covers: We also carry some lighter types that are less warm for hot summers, such as our Highland covers.