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Gollum Pointing and Flushing Woodcock

In February there were still loads of woodcock about and I took Gollum and Pontus, my two wirehaired pointers, out to find some. I made three little films of Gollum on point with the subsequent flush. Pontus, the apprentice, was on the lead behind Gollum to get the idea.

Here is another point and flush:

Lastly, I worked Gollum on the back wind and because I had a bell on him, I could hear that he had stopped. As I realised he was behind a bush, the bird would have to be sitting in the bush and I switched my iphone on hoping I would be proven right. As you play the film, try and go back to stop it just before the bird lifts as you can then see it sitting on the ground. At the end of the film you see Gollum rigid on point behind the bush.

It was really nice to get some easy shots of him with this fantastic bird.

Gaia was out with me today and never missed a snipe. Here she is on point, but over-shot where it was on her flush.