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Dog beds for transporting pooch

Having the best dog beds for car journeys is essential for your dog’s comfort and for easing your job of keeping the dog beds clean and odour-less. Read more.

Most dog owners like to take their four-legged friend with them on car journeys. Some owners drive to the area of the daily walk while others will simply take the dog EVERYWHERE they go. In any instance, the dog beds for these journeys have to be chosen with care. If you are taking a mud-loving Labrador for walks all year round, a strong, warm, supporting and waterproof dog bed will be ideal. As you let him into the back of your car after the walk, he will settle down on a waterproof surface, enjoying the warmth from the bed whilst drying up nicely on the way home. The beauty of this is of course, that the inner stuffing remains dry and totally smell free.

In case you own a fine-coated dog, such as a lurcher or a Boxer, he may be rather grateful for something warmer to the touch, which is especially important in the cold winter months. Here you can certainly provide him with the best of the best by adding a soft, luxurious cover to the package. We supply a beautiful colour range of Luxury Fleece covers for our dog beds. The advantage is that you can take the covers off for washing, but you will always avoid the horrid doggy smell from the bed it self due to the waterproof surface.

You may prefer  to keep Fido in a cage if he is inclined to chew the seatbelts or other interior part of the car. This is no problem as we, at Tuffies, make bespoke dog beds to suit any size of box or crate you may have. As all our products are made in UK in our busy workshop, we are able to make all sorts of shapes at short notice to your exact specifications. We have fitted out dog show vans for all the cages and we have even fitted custom made sleeping areas into canal boats for the often-wet-and-soggy skipper’s dog. Read more about our bespoke service here.