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Dog beds for snowy and cold weather

It’s cold outside and it is also cold in your house, the kennel and in that car you start up in the morning to take doggy for a walk. We have to be very careful and remember the dogs in this weather. We have the luxury of putting on and taking off clothes and we are also hovering much higher up in the house or car than our four legged friend down on the ground wearing the only coat that God gave him. He might have a summer coat and a winter coat, but he can’t just put more layers on. There is a lot to be said for little dog jumpers and waterproof coats, but the one most important item in your dog’s life is his dog bed where he spends so much more time than we spend in our “sack”. With any one of our thick, waterproof dog beds that do not go soggy inside and hence provides true and perfect insulation from the cold floor, your dog is very well served. If you want to give extra warmth to this, one of the Luxury Fleece covers or one of the Fluffie Tuffies is a brilliant solution to the cold weather. It is of course also important to remember that hygiene is still high on the dog keeping agenda and with a machine washable cover, the dog bed will look and feel pristine at all times. The Fleece covers come up like new when they are washed. With regards to washing I always take care of my dogs’ noses and avoid any washing powder with strong smell. It might be a nice smell for us, but for the dogs’ noses that are 50,000 times more sensitive than ours, it might be like us sleeping with our nose in one of these scented candles. I know it would give me a headache. So gentle use of detergent and plenty of rinsing is a wise idea.

The floor can be colder than you think when you are wearing those thick slippers from your Christmas stocking, but Fido, on floor level, might find his environment not only cold, but also a bit draughty. Dog beds with sides are paramount if you realise that your dogs are sleeping in a bit of a cold draught. The little bit of cold wind sneaking in from under the door can be persistent and a dog bed to snuggle in to will solve this little problem. The waterproof dog nests from Tuffies are so easy to keep clean as you can soap and hose down the sides, base and cushion. The fleece that comes with the cushion can be machine washed for permanent freshness.