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Dog beds blowing in the wind

For the whole of yesterday we were battered by high winds. When you see hurricanes on television, you can’t quite understand that it can be so bad, but when you are in the middle of a storm yourself, it can be almost frightening (and that is when it is a wind that is not even worth talking about on the news). The wind was blowing the leaves round and round and every time we put the dog beds out in the holding area for the courier, we got another scoop full of leaves into the workshop. We had dry leaves in places where we never dreamt we could have them. In fact, because it is quite dry at the moment, there was also a lot of dust in the air, which was made worse by the farmers all drilling their seeds in. In some places it makes you wonder if they were losing seeds in the wind. A B-road was closed near the coast due to sand drifts on the road. We were glad that it had been bin-emptying day because all our bins were strewn around the place and if they had been full, we would have had bits of fabric off-cuts everywhere including next door. The dogs have a sort of cow milking mat in the garden to sit on. Yes, we make waterproof dog beds, but you would not like to leave one of those out in all weathers as the rain would slowly, but surely seep in through the seams on the edge over time. Of course they have their beds out if it is sunny, but it is nice for them to be able to go and sit on the cow-mat, which is black and heats up very quickly and it’s nice for me that I don’t have to remember to bring beds in and out all the time. Anyway, it is fairly heavy and measures around 200x130cm. It has been sitting in the same place under a tree for probably a year and yesterday it got up and cart wheeled across the garden. The dogs just got out this morning and found it and sat on it again. Today the rain then started and it was pouring steadily all morning. What are Labradors like? My old, 14 year old Labrador bitch obviously didn’t fancy keeping dry in one of the kennels, she just lay outside getting wetter and wetter. They have dog beds with luxury fleeces in all the kennels and the rest of them loved that while the old lady just let the rain fall on her. It does say a lot about the Labrador coat because she didn’t get wet on her skin at all as her coat has a nice greasy coating keeping the rain out. This afternoon we are back to normal, the canines are running around in the garden, chewing on bones, playing with each other, especially the two younger ones, and generally lounging on dog beds unless there are people on bicycles going past as they need to be barked at.