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Dog beds and the caravan

Late last year we bought a caravan, nothing huge as we only have a small car, plus there was only the two of us and one dog. We had NO intentions of a second dog at that time.

When we collected the caravan there was no need to worry about dog beds, as Molly the Border Collie cross wasnt with us , as we battled with getting to grips with this “white box” that seemed to be very complicated.

Once the caravan was home on the driveway, Molly was introduced to it, you could see the look on her face, that she wasnt sure, her main concern was…. not much floor space, where is my huge cosy bed going to go? Oh heck we need to give this some thought.

On our first proper family outing, Molly had to find a tiny space on the floor to sleep, infact I think she slept in the bathroom on the first night, as when you convert the seating area into a double bed, you lose a lot of the floor space, and you also need to put the seating backs and arm rest somewhere as well. After working out that chinese puzzle of where we were to put everything, a good nights sleep was had by all.

Molly isnt the smallest of dogs, and we had to keep moving her around the caravan, if you wanted to get into the fridge” move Molly” the same with getting into the bathroom.

NOW we have two dogs and the new puppy Skye is only used to being crated at night, I dont think we will be sleeping soundly on our first trip of the season, we will have to tire her out during the day. With her being a pup, she runs around the house at home at a great speed, as she has lots of energy, I can just see that she will be bouncing off the walls inside our small compact caravan, and there will be screams of Skye “LEAVE” being said alot.

I think at night we will have to make special exceptions and Skye will have to sleep on our bed as there will NOT be room for two dog beds on the floor as well as everything else.

Maybe after our first stressful family of four holiday, we WILL have to try and work out where and how we can fit in two dog beds. We wait to see how it all goes !