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Modelling of Dog Beds

Every time we have a new product, it is then time to make the photos for brochures and/ or web site or adverts. Even just a new colour of the Luxury Fleece for the dog beds means that a photo has to be created. We have a fancy studio with all the right light etc, but sometimes the models are more happy to pose on the dog beds in their own environment. This means, preferably, in their own garden and this, again, throws up the problem of weather and light. Usually, in Scotland, it’s a matter of the outdoors being too dull, but it can also be a problem of it being too bright. There are fancy cameras and Photoshop, but NOTHING can replace a good, natural light. I can’t count how often I have thought the light was flat and too bright, but nicely sunny at midday, only to wait in anticipation for some more “golden” light later in the afternoon, by which time it has then clouded over. We have had a good summer though, but then everyone has been busy and no new products were desperately needing to be photographed.

But then again, the weather is not always the biggest problem. Guess….. yes, it’s getting the dogs to sit still on the dog beds. The most usual models know the drill to perfection and they seem to just slot into the role when they see the bed on the floor and the camera. They just place themselves there and lie down in a “sleepy” position. It almost seems like they relax immediately because they know from experience that this could take some time and that the procedure is normally calm, if not slightly boring.

But then if you get a new model, you have to take your time. Come to think of it: it is often the proud owners, who are anxious to provide a good model for the dog beds, who prance around trying to get pooch to lie down and behave, which makes the dog nervous and then the panting starts. I always say to the owners that there is plenty of time and that we just need to allow Fido to settle in.

So it’s a matter of getting weather, dogs, owners and large dog beds to all behave at the same time, but it’s an acquired skill that is slowly growing.