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Stormy Dog Beds

Now we are in full swing building our new premises for manufacturing the dog beds. We have been blessed with the weather so far as it was all dry as the diggers came in and removed 1000 tons of soil. There are heaps of the stuff everywhere, but I am sure it all makes sense in the end as we will get little nice dykes of the stuff, where we can plant nice bushes and trees. We are planning to use the remaining area around the new manufacturing plant to create a bit of a wild life reserve. It is my dream to hear the song thrush again. In fact it was the window in the current work shop (where we have been making dog beds for years) that was the demise of our last song thrush. It was an unbelievable sight as we heard the two bangs on the window and looked out: here was a dead song thrush and a sparrow hawk that had also hit the window in its pursuit of the prey, but whom had not cracked its head totally. The hawk was just dizzy and got up after some time, but our beloved singer from the tree tops was no more. The bird must have hoped to escape the raptor by swooping in to the dark green area, which turned out to be the reflection of the trees. Despite having woodland around the premises, we have never heard the song thrush again and this is now over five years.

So I am hoping that in addition to making luxury dog beds in our new place, we can also provide berry bushes and good nesting places for a potential song thrush pair again.

The roof was going on today and it looked rather scary to see the men on the top laying the fibre cement tiles. It was well windy and I would not like to be up there at the best of times, even with the modern safety equipment. So we should have a new place for storage and manufacturing of dog beds very soon. The storage should be ready in just a month or so, but the inside fittings of the new workshop can wait till we might get some very bad weather in the winter. This was part of the negotiations: put the building up quick and you can fit the inside in your own time.

There will be around 50 meters from the old to the new workshop, so we might have to transport dog beds in stormy weather, but most of the time I should think we can just nip from one to the other when the sun is out. God alone knows how this winter will shape up after our beautiful summer. Did we really make the most of all the lovely weather? It’s easy to take it for granted. I shall certainly freshen up the kennel dog beds for my dogs and make sure everything is clean and functional for the winter.