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Cats in dog beds?

We are just about to launch a new Facebook competition. It addresses the cute question of how many dog owners, who also own a cat, are faced with the cat stealing the lovely, warm, luxurious dog beds that were meant for the dogs. On our testimonials page we post a selection the best and clearest photos that we are sent and we love the many hilarious photos depicting how the dog has been kicked out of the Tuffie bed. Some customers bite the bullet and simply order another of our many suitable sizes of dog beds so that the cat can have his own.

We sell dog beds, so we are not always focused on the dynamics of cats among dogs. It has to be said that we, here at Tuffies HQ, don’t have any cats, so we are not going through the daily study of the communications between the two species, but Jodie, who has great fun with our facebook and who is the main person in charge of the work shop, has two cats and two dogs. She recently also took Alice, my geriatric Hungarian Vizsla, in as a pensioner in her home. Alice, who is a naturally intimidated dog, was really not happy living here in her old, frail age, with the rough German Wirehaired Pointers. Coming over to live with Jodie, two small dogs, two daughters and TWO CATS was bliss for her. She is quite a feline dog, but as she has lived with us for her 12 years of happy life, she has never met a cat. At first she was not sure at all what those cats of Jodie’s were all about and couldn’t make up her mind whether she was scared or whether she ought to point them or maybe just give them a chase. She took quite some time to get her head round these weird, quiet creatures, but then Jodie started to find Alice in one of the provided dog beds in the morning WITH the cats. Jodie claims that Alice looked like she had not noticed that they had crept into her bed over night, but I can’t quite believe that, but it is certainly a nicer scenario than when the cats kick the dogs out as we have many examples of in the testimonies pictures that are sent to us.

Here at Tuffies Dog Beds we are not always aware of selling dog beds for cats, but we welcome the “change of use” done by our customers…..