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Dog Beds at Crufts

Oh, thank you, thank you to all our visitors to the Tuffies stand at Crufts the last four days. What a great experience having everyone coming along talking about how much you love our dog beds, or maybe in particular how much your dogs love them. And that is really the crux of the matter, our products are for BOTH you and your dog. They are loved by the canines because they are soft, but not too soft, sturdy, but not too rigid….. in fact the perfect Goldie Lock dog bed. Our customers tell us how they simply can’t get the dogs out for walks, especially when they had just arrived with the courier and unwrapped. We have heard all the entertaining stories about how this dog steals the Tuffie, so there need to be a second Tuffie in the house for that dog. How the children lie in them, the husband lie in them and of course how the CAT steals the dog’s sleeping place. On our testimonials page we have lots of cats featured as they are very possessive about the best place to sleep in the house. Once the cat has taken over the dog’s Tuffie, there is no other solution than to get another Tuffie.

We had a great time at Crufts. It was also heartening to see all the people, who came along to SEE the dog beds simply because they had “heard SOOOO much about them”. We are constantly surrounded by existing customers, who are in to buy more and who want to tell complete strangers on the stand how good these dog beds are. We can tell as many facts as we want, but when other customers recommend highly, it supersedes any facts and explanations.  It’s sometimes almost embarrassing with all the superlatives used, but of course very, very flattering. And then there is the customer service…..!!!  Not that we wish to blow our own trumpet too much, but being at Crufts it is clear that we are doing a jolly good job. I have, myself, had an unbelievable experience recently with a very large telecom company. The customer service is rock bottom. Let me tell you, I ordered telephone and broadband for a cottage SIX times. Each time I got an email soon after saying that the order had been cancelled successfully. I did not cancel!! I have spent around five hours of my time trying TO PLACE AN ORDER, but I still have not managed. So to provide good customer care when selling dog beds is actually not THAT difficult when this is the base line.

See you all next year in the NEC.