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Alice’s Puppy Dog Beds

When Alice was five, she had turned out to be a very desirable hunting dog AND a fabulous pet. She was also a handsome Vizsla with very good hip score, so it seemed like a good idea to carry her genes forward instead of letting them die. She  had a very good pedigree and we decided that her life should not just be hunting and modelling dog beds, but also include motherhood. Here is where we got stuck, because we did not know anything at all about breeding Vizslas and even less about where to find a good sire. Luckily my good friend, Anne, has her ear to the ground and can always spot a good dog. She had been on a shoot and seen a very good and nice looking male Vizsla. She knew who owned him, so she gave me the phone number.

Naively I just rang up the owner when Alice was in the middle of her season to see if I could use their dog. Well, I got told in the nicest possible way that you don’t just jump in to something like that. I totally agree now that I have more experience behind me and I went back to the drawing board and all the dog beds I had to make. I waited till Alice had finished her season and then got her hip scored. When that was all in order, I took her to meet the owner of the dog. The dog is handsome to say the least and he had won most things there are to win including best in breed at Crufts!!!!!

The owner would not use him on just any bitch, in fact I would say she is very fussy. The owner has spent a life time showing Vizslas and knows everything there is to know about them. So it was like an exam when I took Alice to meet future husband and mother in law. Thankfully mother in law found Alice perfectly to her liking and the arranged wedding (night) was pencilled in for when Alice was going to come round second time. Of course she decided to do so just as I was away abroad on a trip looking at dog beds etc and I had to ask my husband, who is not particularly involved with our dogs, to take Alice the 35 miles to get mated (my husband used an alternative phrase).

It was a bit of a struggle and Alice had decided that sex was not going to be on her agenda. So off they went with no result. I came back and took her to visit boyfriend again two days after and this time she got round to the idea (her hormones did) and we managed a successful tie.

Alice got home and you would never know anything had happened when you saw her that night on her luxury dog beds, sprawling out, looking perfectly normal.