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Fitting out for Producing Dog Beds

We are now in the midst of fitting out our new premises. Our whole Tuffies HQ has been uprooted and a few of our facilities have been rotated. We used to make our top quality dog beds in a relatively small building that could only just hold the sewing work  with storage mainly split up into a number of “porta cabins” next to the building that were second hand and frankly a bit leaky for the rain. The office was situated next door within a larger building. Now we have built a new massive “shed”, which compasses a large, comfortable workshop where we make the waterproof dog beds and also a large storage area. We can now work in ONE building and enjoy all production and storage being under one roof out of the Scottish weather. What a great change to have everything to hand and out of any mud situation. As the orders are produced and packed, we can have them all sitting in the storage waiting for the courier to drive in and park in the barn and load everything. In the winter we can rest assured that not a drop of rain will touch the parcels before they leave us.

The staff parking facilities are perfect now with lock blocks that drain nicely when it rains and good, even surfaces to walk on from one building to the other. Obviously we also have all the modcoms of disabled access everywhere.

We spent most of the summer seeing the big building going up and making decisions about how to fit the work shop out as well as possible to make production as stream lined as possible. Everyone has put their efforts and suggestions in to make the work environment as productive, yet pleasant, as we can. I believe everyone has got what they needed to make their working day good. It’s a complicated system to arrange because we don’t just have ONE product, we make a range of dog beds and dog bed covers so it is not like a conveyor belt going through a building, it is more like a bee-hive with busy bees putting all sorts of things together. So we are a company that has to be stream lined to make the run of the mill beds, yet makes bespoke dog beds, which messes up any attempt to make a more mechanical production. But we like it. It is really nice to make large productions at times, but it is also nice to take special care to produce a beautiful dog bed for a customer, who has requested something a little bit out of the ordinary. We get funny requests and we are happy to oblige if it is within our capabilities.