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Counterfeit Dog Beds

Some say that we should take it as a compliment, but I don’t think this can be right, it’s just boring hassle. Because we make brilliant dog beds, we now get copy cats making inferior products, which they try to name with similar names to ours to lead potential customers to believe that they are buying Tuffies. This happens to all good brands and products, but we are not amused. When other companies try to name their products in similar ways to ours, they mislead customers. The big problem for them is that once they have been warned in writing by our solicitor, which they have, and once they continue to “hold out to be Tuffies”, a legal case will result in them having to pay all their profits that they have gained through the con to us if found guilty. We look forward to the windfall. The longer this goes on, the bigger the sum will be.

The down side is of course that all the products are less good than our great dog beds and when a customer is mislead in to buying what he or she THINKS is a genuine article, they will take delivery of the fake and think that Tuffies is not as good as they had been told by their friends. Hopefully this will not happen that often, but it is damaging to the brand. We have seen Amazon cheating this way too: if you search for Tuffies you get a paid advert above the Tuffies placing on the search page and ABOVE it you find a pay per click advert from Amazon saying that you can buy “best priced Tuffies Dog Beds” at Amazon. Well, if you click in to this link you end up on sites displaying very low quality pet sleeping arrangements. It is so far from the quality of our products and I know for a fact that some people have believed that they bought the genuine product, but got rubbish.

So as 65% of our sales are from re-orders or word of mouth, we now need to educate our customers to make sure that when they recommend us to their friends, they have to make sure they tell their friends to buy these fantastic dog beds from the genuine source, NOT from copy web sites. Some will still slip through the net, but now we can make very clear that we tell everyone that the ONLY place to buy the genuine Tuffie bed is from Tuffies themselves. NOT from unimaginative copycats.