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Making dog beds for the game fair

We are currently preparing for the Scottish Gamefair at Scone Palace. This is a yearly event for us and Tuffies has been selling dog beds at this show for the last 15 years.

The Scottish Gamefair must be the friendliest show of them all. People who shoot and who are genuinely interested in the country side and the animals living there, all come to this show. Maybe not every year, but it’s a place most will go to on a regular basis.

Apart from looking at which luxury dog beds or maybe chewproof dog beds to get, everyone is shopping for food, shooting gear and fishing equipment.

There is also a ring with all sorts of entertainment, showing hawks, gun dogs, horses, pipe bands of course.

Dogs are very welcome and next to our stand is the famous and much visited scurry. People queue up waiting to take their dog to this competition on speed. It is all about how fast your dog can retrieve two dummies. The first one is thrown only about 30 meters away, but the grass has been left to grow and it is not always easy to find the dummy in this tall grass. Once the dog has brought it back, you put it in a bucket at which point the clock stops. Then, when you are ready, there is another dummy thrown at the other side of a small fence and again the dog has to run out and fetch this one. The scurry competition has more to it than this simple exercise. The fact that dummies have been landing all over the grass for the whole day makes it harder for the dogs to scent them for locating them. Also, for male dogs, once someone has been cocking his leg, they are all at it. Further, the fact that there is an audience watching all the time all around the ring makes it a different experience for the dog and it can be challenging, especially for a young dog.

Tuffies sponsor the scurry every year and we give a beautiful Durasoft mattress dog bed complete with a Luxury Fleece Cover for the fastest dog every day for the three days. One year one dog won two waterproof dog beds at the event because it managed to be handled by a lady on the lady’s day and a child on the junior day, hence going home with two brilliant, washable dog beds. A happy dog.

The Tuffies stand at Scone gamefair last year.

The Tuffies stand at Scone gamefair last year.

Do come and visit us and the fair, it is a lovely venue and you might find a durable dog bed you like….