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Buying Dog Beds at Crufts

Buying dog beds at the Crufts dog show at the NEC in Birmingham gives you one of the best purchasing choices under one roof that you can possibly get. It is the largest dog show in the world and it is a real “shopping show”. While many dog shows, even Championship dog shows, are of a fair size with plenty of dogs being shown by true dog enthusiasts, few of them provide a good, dedicated section with shops/stalls selling all sorts of products for dogs. At Crufts you can see them all in one go. You will probably need two days if you want to see everything, enjoy the day and watch some of your favourite breeds being shown. There are over 20,000 dogs shown over four days and the days are split in to breed types, which gives you a great opportunity to choose which day to go. If you are interested in toy-dogs you look out for which day they are shown (this alternates every year). If you are more interested in hounds, you just look up which day these are shown. The show is spread out through five halls at the NEC and in each hall, except hall three, there are serious dog showing going on. In hall three, which is the middle hall in the horse-shoe shape, there are not dog shown for the championships, but there is a section exhibiting dog breeds all together. This is a fascinating section as you can walk through and learn about breeds you didn’t recognise before or test your knowledge on dog breeds. If you are looking for a dog breed in order to know more before you commit to buying a puppy, this is an ideal place to chat to knowledgeable owners (who of course all tell you that THEIR breed is the most amazing and fantastic breed, haha).

All the halls contain stalls and if you are looking for dog beds, you will need to comb all the halls as products are not kept in sectors. To be truthful, you will find a lot of cheap, not so very well lasting products around the show and it is highly recommended that you bypass these. You will not have these products for long as they will go flat and manky in no time. If you are looking for pretty, semi lasting dog beds you will possibly find what you are looking for at Crufts, but if you are looking for strong, durable, easy to clean dog beds that are really comfortable for your dog, you do need to look at stand 56 in hall 5. Tuffies dog beds tick all the boxes, especially when it comes to dog comfort. The Tuffies following is clear at Crufts when all our delighted customers come to the stand, often with a friend, to see us and to show the friend the products that they have had for many years.

If you are looking for comfortable dog beds for large breeds, Tuffies is a fantastic source. Tuffies produce comfortable beds for any dog up to Great Danes and Mastiffs. These breeds can be difficult when it comes to getting a comfortable bed that is easy to keep clean too.

Have a look next year or go on line now and check out the most popular two types for large breeds: The Tuffies Durasoft mattress with Luxury Fleece cover or the Durasoft Tuffies nest beds for large dogs that feel the draught and need a surround for protection.